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I hate bees


At any time in my life prior to 7.5 years ago, if I had come across a bee in the house, I’d have locked myself in another room until someone could dispose of it. If that meant confining myself to the upstairs and letting the bee have the run of the kitchen, dining room and living room until Neil came home, well, that’s the way it would have to be.

Somewhere along the line, I had to grow up. It happened when I became a mother. I realized that I couldn’t teach these little people to be afraid of bees (they’d have to come into that on their own [and they have – makes a mom proud]). So, now when a bee enters my home, I calmly take of my flip-flop and thwak the evil beast to death. Heh.

Bees had been getting into the house a couple at a time for the last few weeks, and on Saturday Neil discovered why: there was a nest somewhere behind the shingles of the house near the kitchen window. I got the exterminator out here pronto, and he dosed those bad boys up with something guaranteed to knock their socks off. He said they’d probably still be flying around for a day or so, but then they’d be good & dead.

In what must have been a mass exodus, many panic-stricken refugees have been seeking shelter in our kitchen and downstairs bathroom all day. My flip-flop has seen a lot of action today – I’ve killed at least 40 of them myself, and Neil has flip-flopped a few and sucked up a bunch with the vacuum. Mmmm. Tasty.

Anyone have any good bee recipes?

Water fun

“And then we all went outside, and threw wet sponges at each other before bed. The end.”

Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “I hate bees

  1. thats not even a bee..bees are fuzzy! Worse yet that is a yellow jacket wasp…they can sting and dont die when they do so they can sting over and over again..I HATE them! good on getting the exterminator out there !

    1. I knew they were yellow jackets, but I always assumed that yellow jackets were bees – thanks for the clarification! And I really didn’t need to know that they can sting repeatedly… Ow.

  2. Hi Lisa. Just for the record–that’s a wasp, not a bee. (I have a friend with 4 hives who leads the local 4H bee club. She gets very upset when people describe all stinging insects as bees. I just enjoy the fresh honey!)

    1. In all the years I’ve been running away from these things I never knew they weren’t bees – thanks for cluing me in!

  3. Bees run away fron you. I’m never bothered by bees – as a gardener, I like them very much. Yellowjackets, though, I loathe with a passion. Hornets, wasps (except the beneficial insect-eating ones like thrichogamma or however it’s spelled) and houseflies and mosquitos all make my “Kill on sight” list. Be careful about wearing black or other very dark colors around them – they’re attracted to black and think it’s prey or enemy and will attack. Also check any pressure-treated or unpainted wood around your house, because they chew on it to make their nests.

    I must remember the sponge idea for the next party. My kids always want to do water balloons. I tell them they may, if they promise to clean up all the broken balloons. They always promise, and they never clean all the debris up. Sponges, though. . .heh.

    1. Thanks for the tips. As far as the sponges go, they’re actually sponge balls a la Martha Stewart. I just bought three 4-packs of sponges and got six balls out of them all together.

  4. I am sooo going to pick up a few multi-packs at the dollar store. . .this looks like just the kind of thing I want to throw at my kids!

    1. Yeah, we had a blast, running around until dark – and it beat giving them a bath 😉

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