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Color Challenge Finalists for August

PDC Color Challenge Finalists for August

Well, it was a tough job, but I narrowed down 114 photos full of crafty aqua goodness, and chose nine of my favorites.

Allow me to introduce you to the finalists, before I reveal the winner:

  1. Polymer clay “Pendants” by Kim Cavender
  2. Polymer clay-covered glass vessels, “closer look” by Orly Rabinowitz
  3. Fabric bag and matching wallet, “Custom Order-Fresh Diamonds” by Maia Low
  4. Esther” bunny of hand-dyed mohair by Lisa Thoms
  5. Cupcakes go to hawaii” by Zalita
  6. Polymer clay “Faux Ceramic Pendant” by Christie Wright
  7. Rubber stamped “Aqua Birthday Card” by Penny Richards
  8. Embellished Crocs, “29.07.07” by Roscom
  9. Aqua Doll Quilt detail” by Laurie G.

I encourage you to take a closer look at these photos and at the rest of the ones in the pool! Leave your comments on the photos over at flickr and let the artists know what you think – it’s always gratifying to hear that something you made has gotten a positive reaction from another creative type.

If you are one of these finalists and would like to elaborate here on what was involved in creating your entry, be my guest – the comments section is yours Smile

And now, I turn to the trusty random number generator (aka Neil, Aidan, Eamonn and a bunch of coins) to select a winner:

Drumroll please…

And the winner is… #2!

Congratulations, Orly Rabinowitz! Your plates and bowls are absolutely stunning! I will be emailing you shortly with information about your $25 gift certificate.

Everyone else, stay tuned – I’ll be announcing the color for September within the next few days. Thanks for your participation!

Posted on 12 Comments

12 thoughts on “Color Challenge Finalists for August

  1. Those plates and bowls are spectacular! Congratulations Orly, thanks Lisa, and looking forward to the next month’s color…

  2. What are hard choice you had, they are all amazing! I am looking forward to entering one of your colour challenges!

  3. thank you! i feel very honored! orly

  4. Wow, those were really awesome!

    Small question on rules: does the item have to be something made during the span of the contest, or can we submit photos of stuff we have made in the past? (I can make some things in under a month, but most of my major projects take longer, so that’s why I’m asking.)

    I didn’t enter this time because aqua isn’t one of my favorite colors, but I look forward to participating in the future!

    1. Originally I had said it just has to be “recent.” I think you can weigh the time it takes you to make something and use that to determine what “recent” means to you – I’m not going to be a stickler 😉

  5. Oh wow! Thanks Lisa. 🙂
    I’ll add this for any clayers interested…I made my pendant with this faux ceramic tutorial by Michael:

  6. wow I love them all but number 2 was a fantastic winner, great poly work, hopefully I will get time to join in next month.

  7. Thanks for including me Lisa and congratulations to Orly! I love her plates and bowls!

  8. I’m so honored that my bunny, Esther, was a finalist! Thank you so much Lisa!!!

  9. Thanks for including me. The one you picked was my fave of the bunch too. Yay for aqua!

  10. I have thoroughly enjoyed this site. What fantastic artists. Truely inspirational!!!
    I’m looking forward to next month!!

  11. […] now here is something that I found very cool. If you saw last month’s Color Challenge results, you may recognize these plates & bowls as the work of Orly Rabinowitz. And, if you’ve […]

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