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Flickr Favorites

Favorites week of August 27

What?? No aqua? Was my flirtation with bluish-greeny goodness only a Summer Fling? This week I favorited about half as many photos as usual – guess I was busy with other things. Nature, clay jewelry, and personal style seem to dominate this batch. I love the top corner shot – it’s Anna Maria Horner’s playroom. Well, her kids‘ playroom, I suppose, but heck, I’d play in there! It looks so cheery and inviting. Who wants to grab some chips & dip and meet me there for a few hands of Uno?

And then there are the striped socks – pretty striking, eh? I think they are great to look at, but I can’t see myself wearing them. Actually, it’s pretty easy to envision myself buying socks like that, but I am 95% sure I’d chicken out before wearing them with a skirt in public.

I’ve been noticing when I make these mosaics, sometimes images get left out. I had 18 favorites this week, but only 15 of them would appear in the mosaic. I’m guessing there are privacy issues that I don’t quite understand with these photos. If you want to see what didn’t show up, wander over to flickr and have a look at my favorites. They were three nice polymer clay pieces that deserve to be seen.

If I had a photograph of colorful late-summer flowers in a pretty container, it would be right here. Wish I had a picture like that of my own. There are plenty online that I could “borrow,” but that kind of thing is frowned-upon…

I have no plans for Labor Day Weekend, other than packing up some orders tomorrow morning in time for the mail pickup. I am entertaining the idea of going to a local farm to find a handful of zinnias I can bring home. I may even go to a non-local farm and enjoy a bit of rolling countryside, open windows, and music I can sing along to on the way. Sometimes half the fun is getting there, don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “Flickr Favorites

  1. When my life slows down a bit, I’m going to explore Flick’r a bit. So much inspiration!

    And when it IS slow, and we’re going someplace with no particular goal or schedule, we explore the backroads despite the girls’ protests. There are so many fun and interesting places off the beaten path.

    1. I’ve gotten so into flickr, I really see it as an extension of blogging. They are very closely entwined, in my mind. And it’s so easy to get sucked into following a trail of photos until you end up looking at pictures of Spanish urban decay in somebody-you-never-heard-of’s vacation shots 🙂

      I love long drives, especially if I can manage to get lost briefly. It’s always a fun challenge to find my way back!

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