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Jumping the Gun

I couldn’t wait… I got the color challenge for September started. I chose OLIVE as the color, by which I really mean any green that tends more to the yellow than it does to the blue. Think about the leaves in September just before they begin to turn color…

New skirt

From dyed clothing…

Loom knitted purse

…to loom-knitted accessories…

July 2007 calendar page

…to digital scrapbooking…


…and clay monsters.

New tote/messenger bag

Let’s see your best olive art!

See the rules here and peruse the flickr group here.

I look forward to seeing what all of you wonderfully-creative people come up with!

Posted on 6 Comments

6 thoughts on “Jumping the Gun

  1. Now, that’s a color I can get behind!

    Love the skirt. It’s definitely an improvement over yellow, but I may be biased. LOL

    1. Yes, me too – as you can see, I had no trouble coming up with photos of green things. The skirt is definitely an improvement – I bought it specifically for dying purposes. I was looking for white, but I actually think having the yellow as a base adds some depth that I hadn’t considered before.

  2. now thats a color I have been working in lately!! Woo hooo I will have stuff for this one 😀

    1. Great! The more the merrier!

  3. You have a lovely site! (Of course I checked it out after you left a comment on my blog!) The idea of a themed challenge is one of the things that give me a push into making art again in ’05. Until that fall, I hadn’t made hardly a thing since I was 19 (in my late 40’s now).

    1. Thank you! I saw the link to your site on Polymer Clay Daily today. You make some very nice things. Thanks for dropping by!

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