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Coral polka dots at the sea

Polka Dot Sorbetto Tank @lclarke522

I sewed a polka dot tank, which turned out to be the perfect layering piece for Ocean City in May. (And now I want to go back down the shore.)

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Ocean City, season 7

17 oc 02

Our seventh annual trip to Ocean City was cold, rainy, and really great (as always). We saw dunes being rebuilt, carpet being laid, and we danced on the boardwalk in our pajamas. Good times.

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My space

Family Room with handmade and personal touches, from @lclarke522

I bought a print from an old high school friend, and she featured my family room on her design blog. Fun was had by all. And also, briefly mentioned: the shore and me being at it.

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Weekend surprises

16 og 03

The above are some scenes from part one of our weekend: a surprise overnight stay in Ocean Grove. The boys had never spent the night there before, so they were excited when we revealed about an hour into our trip, that it wasn’t a day trip after all… we’d booked a room and would be staying! It […]

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19 oc 15

Was it cruel of me to dangle that Sheet Swap carrot in front of your nose like that, and then disappear for almost a week? Oh! I had such good intentions, I promise you! I was going to write up one or two posts about selecting vintage sheets, and making beautiful things from them, schedule […]

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Ocean City

21 oc 10

At the risk of winning the “longest time between experiencing the event and blogging about it” award, I thought I’d show you some pictures from our annual Ocean City getaway.  Almost a month ago. We drove down on Friday afternoon, right after school let out, enjoyed a sunny Saturday, a cloudy Sunday, a rainy Monday, […]

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The dawn of a new age

21 oc 11

Oh, there is so much to catch up on!  I was away for a four-day weekend at the shore, which was very nice as it always is, and now I am sitting here looking at laundry, an empty refrigerator, and a handful of projects that needed to be done “yesterday.”  I suppose that is the […]

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This is my Jersey Shore

Sunset on the beach

Forget what you’ve seen on MTV.  This is the Jersey Shore, “Ocean City in May” style. In other words: cloudy, breezy, reading a book on the blanket, a bit chilly, quiet beach, peaceful, dipping a toe in the ocean, family-friendly, shopping, postponing bedtime to take in the boardwalk lights, ice cream, no crowds, wishing we […]

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And then the sun came out

my guys on the beach

In a lot of ways, our 4-day getaway was a study in irony.  There was the weather, for one thing: a day of fog, followed by a day of cold rain, followed by a day of cold sun, and culminating in a single, lovely 68-degree sunny day right when we were ready to check out.  […]

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Beach Blanket Plan B


Sunday was rainy, as predicted.  And cold, also as predicted.  And though we did venture out to the boardwalk a few times – growing boys need pancake breakfasts, and arcade games, after all – we spent a good portion of our late morning and early afternoon cocooned in the hotel. Our hotel is situated right […]

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