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Lomochrome Purple, part two

Lomochrome Purple in the Autumn

When I shot my first roll of Lomochrome Purple in the spring, I thought that it was pretty interesting. But I also thought that there just wasn’t enough green around to make it amazing. I decided then that I’d need to try again in the summer for sure, but also in the fall. In the […]

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Cooper Gristmill

In the beginning of August, Neil and I took an after-work trip to Cooper Gristmill, a lovely historic mill surrounded by lush trees and babbling water. It’s been nearly three months since that trip at this point, but luckily images keep. Everything outside my window right now is orange, so the green of these images feels like such a throwback!

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Cross Estate Gardens

Photos from a nice spontaneous evening out, somewhere lovely, not too far from home, and totally doable after a full day at work. It’s such a nice thing, to be able to take advantage of the long days of summer from time to time. With so much daylight available at this time of year, a work day doesn’t have to be *just* a work day. It’s almost like you can fit two days into one. What a terrific bonus!

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The Deserted Village of Feltville

File this one under “Weird Stuff in Your Own Back Yard That You Never Visited Before Despite Living Here for Twenty-Five Years.” It’s the Deserted Village of Feltville, in the Watchung Reservation, less than 20 minutes away from home.

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TWiP: Montague

This Week in Pictures, Week 29, 2022

I know myself well enough to realize that if both of my kids are off on grand adventures, I am likely to feel a tiny bit jealous and wish I was on an adventure of my own. That’s why, when it became clear that Neil and I were going to be alone for two weeks in July, I sweet talked him into booking an Airbnb for ourselves for some of that time. Well, that time has come and gone, and I have the pictures and videos to prove it.

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The Edison Museum

I tend to avoid taking the kids to museums, as this is the dramatic kind of reaction I usually get.  But when Aidan came home from school and told me he was writing a biography report on Thomas Edison, I suggested we visit Edison’s laboratory museum. It was an idea that was met with actual […]

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