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Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites at Polka Dot Cottage

It’s Labor Day Weekend in the USA, aka the last carefree days before it’s Back to School. Oh no!

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Back to school – for YOU!

Go back to school!

I’m taking a few online classes you might like. Check them out!

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Soul 27/31 - Exercise 17: Capturing the Seasons

There is more to life than blogging regularly.

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TWiP: Primary Colors

This Week in Pictures at Polka Dot Cottage

As much as the faded, vintage look appeals to me in other people’s stuff, I find that I almost always prefer my own images to be vibrant and realistic. I think this week’s mosaic proves that.

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Weekend Favorites

Weekend Favorites

Wherein I apologize for my latest obsession, and then share two links related to that obsession.

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Book Review: Knitting Reimagined

Book Review: Knitting Reimagined

I think that the moment I was tempted to call this book a “wackadoodle knitting book” is the moment that I confirmed with absolute certainty that I am not of the “high fashion” world.

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The Breezy Sounds of Late Summer

The Breezy Sounds of Late Summer, a new playlist from Polka Dot Cottage

A new playlist for you to listen to: It’s that feeling of impending autumn. Mellow and contemplative. A little windy. Cloudy. And yet not quite the end of summer.

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TWiP: In the Dark of Night

The Week in Pictures

Blue hours and super moons – it was a week of nighttime photography.

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Weekend Favorites

Weekly Favorites at Polka Dot Cottage

It’s another one-link week here, but I think I’ve made up for it with a whole bunch of pretty pictures to look at.

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TWiP: in the Pink

This Week in Pictures

If last week was Dark and Earthy, this week is Bright and Pink. Picture-wise, anyway!

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