Polka Dot Cottage Hearts Polymer Clay Tutorial


These hearts are simple to make for the beginner, and no special tools are required.

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You will learn how to condition your clay and form it into a colorful heart. You can leave it matte, paint on a shiny gloss, or, if you desire a more polished and professional look, instructions are given for sanding and buffing your pendant as well.

Topics Covered

Through this ebook you will learn:

  • Conditioning polymer clay
  • Applying surface decoration
  • Forming a heart shape
  • Baking polymer clay
  • Sanding and buffing a baked piece
  • Stringing the heart onto ribbon


  • Variations
  • Resources to help you learn more

Tools and Materials

  • Small amount of polymer clay in a variety of colors
  • Work surface (a smooth ceramic tile will work)
  • Clay blade (or old kitchen knife)
  • Index card
  • Oven (regular, convection, or toaster)
  • Satin ribbon

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