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Food, glorious food

I’ve spent all darn day doing food-related things. I even took my Project365 photo while food shopping.

4/365 01/04/2008

I was up late last night coming up with a menu for the week – one that consisted of some new things, some healthy things, and some easy things. Lately I’ve been taking the easy way out as far as dinner is concerned, eating a lot of frozen junk & take-out. That’s all coming to an end right now. After stepping on the scale yesterday morning and finding out I’d set a new personal record for poundage, I suddenly found some motivation for doing a proper food shopping trip and approaching mealtime(s) with a plan.

So, between typing up recipes for my MasterCook database, making an extensive shopping list, and actually doing the food shopping (in two places) I’ve been kind of busy. In addition to less fatty eating for myself, I’m looking into healthier eating for the boys. I got a book for Christmas called The Sneaky Chef, in which the author gives several make-ahead recipes that can be added to regular food to make it healthier. The claim is that the kids can’t even taste it. This afternoon I made the Green Juice (the results of boiling baby spinach leaves) and the Orange Puree (made from sweet potatoes and carrots). The boys love fast food shakes, so I made them the vanilla milkshake recipe in this book, which includes the Green Juice. Can you imagine spinach in a vanilla shake?? I can’t, so I added some peppermint extract for good measure. Aidan wasn’t really sold on it, but Eamonn, who helped me make it, liked it a lot. Tomorrow we try hiding some Orange Puree in the Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins.

Of course, none of the Sneaky Chef stuff I have on my radar is really low fat, so while the kids may enjoy the fruits of this labor, I’m not likely to. I’ve got other ideas for myself, but the whole thing is rather time-consuming. At least, at the beginning while I’m stockpiling recipes and planning things. All of this to say that I haven’t gotten any real work work done because I’ve been in food land all darn day. And I’m pooped.

It’s Friday and Eamonn and I have our regularly-schedule special night coming up in a matter of minutes. I hope I can talk him into a lazy activity. After he goes to bed, it’s the first time ever that Neil and I get to watch Stargate: Atlantis as it airs. Woo hoo! Finally having more than 10 channels has its perks. Util now, we’ve had to wait a year for each season to come out on DVD.

Favorites weeks of December 17, 24 & 31

I’ll leave you tonight with my flickr favorites. I haven’t posted any in a few weeks, so there are a bunch. So many inspiring photos out there! Between nature shots, crafty projects and artfully-posed shoes (haha!) I feel like there’s no shortage of things to get the creative juices flowing. (Speaking of that, the January color challenge is up and running!)

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4 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

  1. I love your foot shot of the day!!! Did you get funny looks while you were taking the photo? 🙂 (great boots!).

    Eating healthy isn’t easy. Good for you for being determined!

    1. I got there early enough in the morning for nobody to notice me, I think. Otherwise I might have felt a bit more self-conscious 😉

  2. I took a pic just for you while I’m here in Key West Lisa!!

    See what Connie has been blogging about: And now for something totally different…

    1. Oh, that is funny! Boy, I wish I was digging bare feet into the sand right now. Winter is just getting old! Happy vacationing!

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