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Fabric canes and gingerbread men

I’ve got a new apron design in mind, kind of along the lines of the patchwork scarves I’ve been making.  The best part is that I don’t need any big pieces of fabric to make it happen.  I’ve got the fabric for two of them cut out – one in that Martha’s Vineyard Watercolors fabric […]

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The sweet, the sinister, and the filthy

I sent of my contribution to the Sweet & Sinister Swap yesterday and got this box in return. It was stuffed to the gills with neat things – things that I enjoyed opening and looking at, and decorating my house with. Handmade things. The aesthetic is so different than that of the box I sent […]

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Swapping and Sewing

It’s swappin’ time, and there’s nothing like leaving it to the  last minute, eh?  You may recall me mentioning the Sweet & Sinister Swap?  Well, the box is due to be mailed tomorrow.  Want to see what I’m putting in the box to my partner, Ginny? I’ve had the BOO! banner for some time now […]

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Flickr, Firsts, and Fun

Oh, green, how I love thee. Green makes me happy You know what else apparently makes me happy this week? Pictures of feet on busy-patterned tiled flooring. It’s funny I should have two images like that in my favorites. Speaking of my favorites, I found a nifty screen saver today at You can configure […]

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