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Fabric canes and gingerbread men

New canes

I’ve got a new apron design in mind, kind of along the lines of the patchwork scarves I’ve been making.  The best part is that I don’t need any big pieces of fabric to make it happen.  I’ve got the fabric for two of them cut out – one in that Martha’s Vineyard Watercolors fabric of my kitchen napkins, and another in some Flea Market Fancy fabric that I’ve had for some time and never used, save for a shirt last summer.  This afternoon I whipped up a few canes in the Flea Market Fancy colors, because, of course, I have to have a matching button on my apron’s pocket icon_biggrin-flickr-2-4

Now I just need some time to stitch both of the aprons up, and I’ll be happy.  If they come out good, I will definitely make more for my etsy shop.  I’ve got plenty of small pieces of fabric that would be perfect candidates for this design.

Gingerbread Man Swap

Tomorrow is the NJ Polymer Clay Guild‘s monthly meeting, and I signed up for the gingerbread man swap.   I made my guys today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?  I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, but once I sat down and started working on them, I got enough into it to end up with these guys.  They’re all made using the colors  and canes from the Crabapple scheme which you may remember from November’s contest.  I used Sculpey Ultralight mixed with a bit of Premo and even a pinch of real ginger for the gingerbread.  I thought the texture of Ultralight was more like real cookies.  There are some flaws in the surface of these, but I was lazy thought it made them look more like real cookies and so I left them there.  I’m happy with them, and it’ll be fun to see what other little men the others in the swap have created.

And now I must take my leave – it’s time for me to snuggle in and watch some bad sci fi with my sweetie.


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Fabric canes and gingerbread men

  1. Oh my, those gingerbread ornaments are CUTE!!!! There are going to be some very happy swappers at your meeting!

    1. Thanks! I was glad to see that there were enough made that I could keep one for myself 🙂 It was fun to see how everyone interpreted the simple gingerbread man. They were all very different from each other.

  2. wow – those gingerbread men are fantastic! I love the scarves – they are stunning

    (thanks for visiting my blog – always good to hear from you :O) )

    1. Thanks! I used to make ornaments quite a bit, but I got tired of it and quit. Maybe now that I’ve had a few years off from it, I can get back into making them on a limited basis.

  3. […] remember the canes I made last week?  Well, a few days ago I made some buttons out of them, and today I stitched up an apron.  […]

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