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I is for Impulsive

In the Encyclopedia of Me, I is for Impulsive. Impulse buys, impulsive crafting sessions, impulsive hours of getting sucked into reading blogs instead of cleaning the house as I’d originally planned… you get the picture. I’m way more impulsive than I am disciplined. And I’m now going to impulsively switch to a new topic rather […]

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D is for Dr. Pepper

In the Encyclopedia of Me, D is for Dr. Pepper – the only Doctor I’d willingly visit every day…  And that’s really all I need to say about that, isn’t it?  Mmmmmm. I have been a walking ball of stress all day.  I slept poorly last night, which I’m sure didn’t help, and when I […]

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B is for Borrowing Ideas

In the Encyclopedia of Me, B is for Borrowing Ideas. Last night I made this nifty skirt. It’s in Alexander Henry’s Birdseed fabric, using the trusty A-line elastic-waist skirt pattern I made from Sew What! Skirts: I borrowed the idea from squid37, whose version I saw in the Sew, Mama, Sew flickr group: Squid37 borrowed […]

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Is it Wednesday already?

Wow. Normally I’m a couple of days ahead, but today I’m behind and having a hard time remembering it’s already Wednesday. I took a lot of slice-of-life pictures today, and I’ll probably share some of them here, but first, my parents’ wedding picture. It’s their 37’th anniversary today. I’m not sure if they ever read […]

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A Flickin’ Weekend

Raise your hand if you were thinking yesterday that I was completely out of control. Oh, wow, look at the bevy of wildly waving arms out there. That must be the 86 people who call me a Flickr contact… I was an uploading machine yesterday! I am pretty sure I heard a collective moan each […]

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All she wants to do is dance

Or make stuff. Yeah, make stuff. I was planning on packing up some orders this morning. I really need to. I also need to throw in a load of laundry, clean the kitchen, straighten up the living room, put away piles of new inventory (shall I continue??). Somehow, on the way home from dropping off […]

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Summer weekend

Yep, it’s definitely summer. We spent yesterday afternoon swimming at my parents’ house with my sister & my nephews, and today we picked berries in our yard. We didn’t have a gigantic harvest – maybe 2 cups – but it’s a nice haul, when you consider we only lucked into these plants and didn’t have […]

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