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Wearing your family history

I have a love-hate relationship with image transfers. I love incorporating family photos into my claywork, but I hate the process of transferring. Mainly, the problem is that I have tried so many different methods, and so much time goes by between tries, that I can never remember what worked. I go through plenty of […]

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Colors, Colors, Everywhere

If you have small children at home, chances are reading the title of this post has reminded you of the Blue’s Clues color episode. You probably have that song going through your head, and it will be there for at least the next three hours. Sorry about that… Have you seen the A Year of […]

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New use for scrap clay

That’s one snazzy-looking feather, dontcha think? Introducing the newest Polka Dot Creations tutorial: Scrap Feather Cane by the very talented Robin Milne. I can’t think of a better way to use up those cane ends we all have than to make this brand new, striking cane. (Seriously, I can’t. I usually just give my scraps […]

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So many goodies, so little time

So, in addition to the arrival of Donna Kato’s new book this weekend, I’ve had plenty of other distractions. For instance, this morning the mailman delivered two packages of interest. In the first, was this great little change purse from Trail Mix Designs. She had admired a few of my posies, so we did a […]

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Can anybody explain to me the Flickr thing as it pertains to polymer clay? I realize it’s a photo-sharing website, but I’m starting to get the feeling there’s a lot more to it. I poked around in there today and found a lot of polymer clay groups and artists, so now I’m wondering if there’s […]

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