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TWiP: Grief and Praise

This Week in Pictures, Week 48, 2019

Dad’s funeral, Thanksgiving, and work: this week in a nutshell. I’ve run the gamut of emotions, and I suspect there is more of that to come.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about my father, but I’m all out of words at this point. I wrote his obituary last week, though, and you are invited to read that. (The funeral home left my email signature in it, which was unintentional, but amusing. I assure you I was not trying to use the occasion for free advertising, LOL!)

I’m really feeling this song right now: Grief and Praise by Glenn Phillips.

So, what is This Week in Pictures?

It’s a roundup of the microblogging I’ve done on Flickr and Instagram all week. This includes photos I shot for Project 365 and any other extra images I may have posted.

Photos taken with 📷 (Canon EOS 80D) or 📱 (Samsung Galaxy S7).

Ready? Cast your mind back to this time last week…


Everyone placed a flower on the casket as they filed out of the church.

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

I lost my father this week, and today was his funeral. I always knew my Dad was a good guy, but over the last few days I have heard so many stories from his neighbors and friends who all said the same nice things about him. It was heartwarming. *sigh* I miss him already.

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I have so needed this day of knitting in my pajamas.

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


An old family friend recently joked with me that hot dogs must be brain food, because I’m pretty smart, and they’re all I ate for the first several years of my life. Sounds good to me. Bring ’em on.

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


This tiny pumpkin, when I bought it, was mostly orange. Now it’s mostly green. It’s almost time to replace it with some Christmas lights anyway.

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)


Getting a good parking space after lunch today was not an issue, as you can see. A lot of the companies in this building had the afternoon off.

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

Thank you for all of your kind words on my last post ❤️

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Uncle Neil playing with niece number four ♥


Unlike every other company in this office building, mine was open today. As I was leaving the (almost entirely empty) parking lot tonight on my way home, I saw something on fire in the distance. No idea what it was, but I hope it didn’t end up being as bad as it looked!

(View original Project 365 post on Flickr.)

Thanks for taking a peek at this week’s photos! If you want to see this stuff as it happens, please feel free to follow me on Flickr or Instagram ♥


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