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Sunday in the Swamp

Today was a beautiful and warm October Sunday.  My children were content to spend a lazy afternoon in their PJ’s playing video games, but me? Not so much.  So I grabbed my camera and went solo to one of the prettiest places I know: The Great Swamp Wildlife Refuge.

Inspiration week 33 - Long and tall

365 day 282 - Swamp trekking



Lots of color

Pretty leaves

At mushroom level

Wooded path

Pretty leaves


Love tree

Can you spot the frog?

Do you see the frog in that last photo?  He blends in so well with the tree, I almost missed him!  I did a double-take while walking past, and I had to watch him for a moment before I saw the tiniest movement that proved he was a living being and not just an odd knob on the tree.  Here is a more close-up view of the little guy.

The last time I went to the swamp alone, it was a weekday morning and I had the entire place to myself.  Today, being the last of the warm and sunny days for the foreseeable future, the locals were out in droves.  Even crowded, though, the swamp is a peaceful place.  I wish I could remember to go there more often.

Fall is really in full swing here, and it’s simply beautiful!  I think I will go mull a cup of apple cider and revel in it further.  I hope you have had a nice Sunday, too, wherever you are!

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Sunday in the Swamp

  1. Oh. . .these are all lovely shots of Autumn starting to settle in. I wouldn’t have noticed the frog had you not mentioned it. Very cool!!

    1. Thank you! I’m just loving having a new camera this season 🙂

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