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The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 + Giveaway

When I was first asked to review The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 by Mark Montano, I almost said, “no, thank you.”  One look at the cover told me that it was not really my aesthetic, but I watched the promotional video anyway.  And I have to say, by the time Montano was holding up a shoe he’d altered, I had changed my mind.  Really, it was the shoe that made all of the difference.

So now that I’ve had a few days to spend with this giant of a book (we’re talking 384 pages, with most projects not taking up more than two) I have to admit that the cover doesn’t tell the whole story.  Yes, there are a whole lot of items in this book that I can’t imagine making (Zipper Corset, “God Save the Queen” Briefcase, Auxy McMousy Baby Head Salt and Pepper Shakers…) there were quite a few projects that I really would love to try.

Book review

In particular, I am very much drawn to these concrete planters: they’re simple, yet elegant.  The Woven Ribbon Mirror is a classy-looking project that would liven up any room, and the Cargo-Pant Carry-All is a great way to repurpose old clothes!

Book review

These shoes are different than the ones he showed in the video, but I like them even better.  Zippers – who knew?!  The Book-Page Lined Envelopes are something I want to remember next time I send actual snail mail.  And this Striped Comforter Cover is really quite elegant and simple.

Book review

Montano has an odd fixation with baby doll heads, and while I’m not sure what that’s all about, I have to admit using a porcelain head as a bathroom night light seems to be the work of a creepy genious.  I can’t imagine ever doing this particular project myself unless I wanted to give my kids heart failure (please. my 8-year-old is already afraid of the bathroom door knobs, and they’re just plain white bulbs that look vaguely like eyeballs), but it gave me a good chuckle.

The verdict on this book?  If you love quick, simple crafts featuring glitter, sparkly beads, ribbons, fake fur and decapitated dolls, then you will love, Love, LOVE this book.

If, like me, that is not really your cup of tea, you will still find some nice, solid projects in here, particularly in the area of home decor (there’s a decent selection of playful  DIY furniture to choose from, and some of the paper correspondence crafts are simple and attractive).  Additionally, some of the more sparkly projects can certainly be toned-down by omitting the glitter, or choosing more neutral-colored supplies.

I’m seriously considering getting myself a bag of concrete and whipping up a few of those planters…

The nice folks at Gallery Books would like to give a copy of The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 to a lucky reader (U.S. residents only, please).  To be in the running, simply leave a comment on this post.  Good luck!  I’ll choose a winner sometime Monday, October 10th.

[edited – Congratulations, andrea m, you were chosen randomly to win!  I’ll email you shortly for your snail mail address. Thanks for playing, everyone!]



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Posted on 15 Comments

15 thoughts on “The Big-Ass Book of Crafts 2 + Giveaway

  1. It does look quirky-but I would like to give it a try. There is always room on my shelf of craft books for one more!

  2. I have the first Book and loved most of the crafts in it. I do agree with you on some of the “different” projects in there, but I do know some people that these ideas would make good gifts for. Thanks for the good, honest review Lisa!

  3. I remember Mark from While You Were Out. He has some wild ideas and others that I really liked.

  4. I am our church’s VBS crafts director and sometimes need quirky ideas. This sounds like my kind of craft book. Found you while looking for polymer clay button tutorials. Loved yours.

  5. Your review is really helpful in envisioning what is in this book. Thank you!

  6. Your post was the funniest thing I’ve read today.
    I’ve seen this book at my local shop and it is very cool. Dolls in general give me the creeps, and severed doll heads are a another creepiness altogether! Thanks!

  7. The dolls heads are definitely super creeped out, but they would make great lights for Halloween! I really can’t think of anything scarier than seeing these all over the house! I think the crafts in this book might actually be quirky enough that I would do some of them….I’m weird like that 😉

  8. Oh so fun! I like the idea of all these different things! Don’t know which ones I’d like to make though. I totally agree with you about those concrete planters. Really cool! Thanks for having this giveaway!

  9. Yeah, I think it looks fantastic, creepy doll heads aside.

  10. Oh my gosh. I love craft books! You just showed me several projects that look so fun. If I don’t win this book I hope my local library will carry it. Thanks.

  11. I agree I’m not sure about the doll head fixation that’s out there. I love/hate them. Thanks for a chance to win! Susan purrpage3 at verizon dot net

  12. Sounds like my kinda craft books. Maybe I should start collecting doll heads……. Good luck everyone.

  13. This book sounds like it has a lot of crafty goodness!! I love those zipper shoes!! How FUN!! Thanks for the chance to win this. 😀

  14. The whole book sounds like a hoot! What fun! And I do have a few Chatty Cathy doll heads in my collection…………:-D

  15. This is exactly how I felt about book #1 but something made me buy it anyway and I was surprised how many projects I wanted to make (and my daughter actually made). Would love a chance at Book 2.

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