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Color Week: Yellow

Today is Yellow day for Curious Bird’s color week. Not surprisingly, yellow was not the easiest color to find around this house. I thought of the first shot as I was dozing off last night, but the rest were scavenged in the few minutes before the school bus came. The school bus, which, now that I think about it, would have made a nice yellow image, too!

Color Week: Yellow

Color Week: Yellow

Color Week: Yellow

Color Week: Yellow

I just came back from a “Volunteer Appreciation Tea” at the big guy’s school this morning.  It was a sweet and simple affair, with refreshments and student entertainment.  The various musical groups (band, choir, bell choir) shared with us some of the songs they were working on for upcoming concerts.  He is not involved in any of that, so I didn’t actually see him.  I had to bring the little guy with me, since he’s home on Tuesdays, and despite the fact that I set him down with a cookie, a Where’s Waldo book and an I Spy book (did I mention this took place in the school library?) he still saw fit to indulge in poorly-timed outbursts.  Or maybe they were well-timed, depending on your point of view…  I’m hoping the bell choir didn’t hear his declaration that “this is boring.”  I know several people heard him yell “Argh!” when he turned to a page he recognized in the I Spy book.  This child really doesn’t get the idea of inappropriate outbursts.  His teacher has started sending him out of the room during circle time lately because he can’t control his loud burping.  Yikes.

Parenting is such an adventure.  When I was younger I imagined myself as the mother of 3 or 4 well-behaved little girls, who were really more like living dolls and who needed very little correction from me.  It never occurred to me that boys were in my future.  Some boys need to be taught that belching proudly with their mouths wide open is not something that teachers appreciate.  They need to be told that, as much as I may share their feelings on the subject, it’s inappropriate to express their dislike of the grade-school rendition of a High School Musical II medley until after it is over and we are safely alone in the car.  Some boys don’t come with a filter, and resist all attempts to have one installed.  Of course, it is just this lack of filter that can be awfully entertaining.  It’s a fine line to straddle…

And now I am off to be a responsible adult and pack/ship some orders.  I’m still doing very well in that department, so go me!  😀 I’ve been on time (even better than on time, actually) for a week now, which is longer than I’ve been able to keep it going all year!  I think I’ve finally turned a corner business-wise, and I’d hate to blow it now, as much as I’d rather be catching up with some of my favorite feeds this morning.
It’s time to get back that great reputation I had, oh, five years ago, for being a speedy shipper! [What happened five years ago that touched off my decline in productivity?  Hmmm.  Could it possibly be that boy without a filter that I was just talking about? Naaahhh 😉 ]


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Posted on 10 Comments

10 thoughts on “Color Week: Yellow

  1. This one made me laugh.

    When I was younger, I was a tomboy or mis-fit. Not athletic and rambunctious but not giggly and taking care of my dolls either. So when I found out I was going to probably have a girl, I didn’t worry because I figured well… best of both worlds right? Society doesn’t mind girls who can do a little of both well.

    I got a girl who preferred the traditionally girl stuff. Her dolls are well dressed, her friends are at the top of her mind and she can discuss the pros and cons of boys, clothes and various pop culture items already.

    My mom thinks this is wonderfully hilarious.

    See what Elaine has been blogging about: Roses, Mostly

    1. I guess that just goes to show you never know what you’re going to get, even when you know what you’re going to get, LOL!

      I wasn’t a tomboy, but I wasn’t a girly-girl, either. I was the only girl in the sixth grade that could quote Star Wars. That didn’t exactly make me the most popular kid in the class… I’m actually more girly now than I have ever been, I think. Being surrounded by boys will do that to a person, I suppose!

  2. See, this is why I’ve been saying for years that I want to be a grandparent without being a parent first: then I’d get to have all the fun with the kids without the responsibility of taking what is essentially a little animal and turning it into an actual human being. 🙂

    (I don’t mean to be offensive by the “animal” description, but if you think about it, it’s somewhat apt: an animal, like a small child, acts mostly based on stimulus and response. A human child who is not taught society’s rules won’t be much more than an animal as far as behavior is concerned.)

    1. ha-ha, that’s funny! I have a puppy and a baby at the same time, and they do act oddly similar at times.

    2. I totally am not offended by the animal comment. In fact, I laughed when I read it, because you’re pretty right about that. Animals lack impulse control just like some five-year-olds I know.

  3. Great yellow pictures. I envy your photography skills, and your ability to blog everyday and the fact that you always seem to have orders to pack up. I am basically jealous of you!

    Your little guy sounds like a perfect little boy! My little guy (at just under a year old) has the ability to fart at the worst possible time. And not a little gas release, one that comes shooting out and people look at me like “yeah, right, that was the baby, suuure… you keep telling yourself that”. I mean, even the dog leaves the room!!

    1. Melissa – thanks for the chuckle! “…even the dog leaves the room!!!” I remember similar conversations with my dh whether it was the kids or him! Enjoy!!!

    2. Oh, yeah, we’ve got one of those stinkers, too. Hard to believe something so foul can come out of someone so small!

      And just so you know, those orders I’m always going on about aren’t orders for things I’ve made. They’re orders for books, videos & magazines that I sell. My creations don’t really sell all that well online for some reason. I probably average 2 or 3 sales a month, jewelry-wise. So, no need to be jealous, LOL!

  4. Lisa – you know I am going to have to comment on the photography, right? Love the first two pics, especially making the bag a bit blurry to put the emphasis on the yellow peeps! And as I’ve said before, I realize I have become a bit of (no, not a bit of…a BIG) picture snob, so the blurriness on the last two bug me a bit. A suggestion when doing macro pictures – go slower on the focusing part – meaning push the button halfway down to focus first and make sure it looks okay, then actually take the picture. It can be difficult to get the close up photos to be sharp if you do it quick like we do with the kids or the ‘regular’ pics. Feel free to ignore my thoughts and do what you like, but you said yesterday that part of the reason for participating is to get better with photography. So hopefully I didn’t overstep. 🙂

    1. Nope, no overstepping at all! In fact, I’m glad to have your feedback. I do tend to do that slower focusing thing, but I have trouble keeping the camera steady when I’m zooming in. (plus the images looked focused on the teeny tiny screen.) I also didn’t think to use the macro setting on these – that’s always an afterthought for some reason.

      Tomorrow I am going to try to take some pictures at a slower pace, when I’m not also racing around trying to beat the school bus 😉 I can be more mindful that way. Feel free to chime in regarding tomorrow’s photos – I like the feedback.

      BTW, how do things look color-wise? I wonder sometimes I’m not seeing the true coloring/lighting in my photos since I’m on a laptop.

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