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Yarny things

Ugly earrings

So this weekend is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and I’m heading down there with the yarn shop on their annual bus trip. This is the first time I’ve gone (on their bus or otherwise) so it should be interesting!

One of the activities planned on the bus is an “outrageous earring contest” and since staff are allowed to play along too, I decided to get my clay out and see what I could come up with.

Clearly not my best work.  I think I ended up with “ugly” more than “outrageous.”  I do have another idea I will try, if there’s time.


Speaking of time… Working at the yarn shop has been great so far, but it’s really affecting my ability to get things done in other areas of my life. I’m not sure what made me think I could be outside of the house 10-20 hours a week and still run two businesses, keep a household functioning relatively smoothly, have quality time with my family, and still find moments of personal peace and creativity, without feeling a little extra stress, but that’s exactly what I thought.

It’s never pretty when my optimistic can-do attitude crumbles into a mess of self-pitying how-am-I-going-to-do-all-of-this weepiness. And yesterday, that’s just what it did.

Today I am feeling the optimism come back, but it’s tempered with a bit of necessary realism, which I think is a good thing.  It’s time to sit down and re-examine my expectations, get organized, and maybe delegate a thing or two.

By the way, I have been so thrilled with all of the feedback on my craft show table! I’ve already taken steps towards implementing some of your suggestions. As soon as the banner and fabric I ordered get here, I’ll give you a peek!

Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Yarny things

  1. Hugs. Delegating is a big help. My nearly 9yo made dinner the other night (supervised), but wow! He felt so proud, and it did help.

    I like the yarn made out of clay, you never see knitting knicknacks, and it might be neat about 4-6″ tall (couldn’t see size from your photo).

    1. I’d probably have liked them better as something other than earrings 😀
      I got my kids involved in dinner prep last night, and I’m hoping to slowly give them more and more responsibility. My 10yo was impressed that he could make corn by himself – given that it’s the only veggie he will eat voluntarily, I told him he could now make himself a bowl of corn any time the mood struck, LOL!

  2. I think those are really cute, and I’d totally buy it as a pin or something.

    1. Maybe I should slice them in half down the middle and put pin backs on them 😀

  3. Well those are not ugly! They’re cute! I feel your pain on the over stressed thing. Battling that myself right now and coming to the conclusion that somethings. got. to. go!

    1. Well I decided to make something else – I’ve got a pair of little sheep in the oven as we speak 😀
      Good luck to us both, prioritizing and letting go!

  4. i so agree with the delegation. we have jobs on specific days too– wash wednesday, tuesday is toilet day, monday is munch are cleaning {kitchen} get it? make your own list and that might help with -just get this done today and that will do.

    1. Ah, so the theory is it will be more fun if we give it an alliterative name? Heh. I’ll have to try that 🙂

  5. Those are adorable!

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