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Website Redesign

I think I have a problem. I sat down this morning to make a logo for my etsy shop, and 12 hours later I had completely redesigned my website. I was in my pajamas until about 3pm, breaking only for food and the occasional opportunity to reacquaint myself with my family 😉 It’s funny how these things snowball. After getting set up on etsy, I thought the part of my website that I used for my claythings just looked too cold and clinical. I wanted to make it more inviting and less like a boring list. I’m not sure if I’m done yet, but so far I like it better. Here’s a peek: Once I’d done that half of my website I just couldn’t leave the book store sitting there looking like it used to so I had to redesign that as well. As it turns out, I liked what I did with the books better than what I’d done with the claythings, so I re-did the claythings to match the new books look. (tired yet?)

Anywhoo, I think I’m done. For now anyway. Those of you who like to occasionally do a little shopping at Polka Dot Creations are encouraged to tell me what you think, and let me know if you run into any problems.

Now, at nearly 10pm, maybe I ought to try and remember what I was planning to do today and see if I have the energy for any of it 🙂


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