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Color Week: Orange

I have roughly ten minutes before the little one and I have to head off to Kindergarten Workshop – our school district’s excellent, parent-run, 3-morning program that helps prepare the kids (and the parents!) for Kindergarten. I went through it with Aidan three years ago, and now it’s Eamonn’s turn.

Before we go, though, how about a little orangey goodness for Color Week?

Color Week: Orange

Color Week: Orange

Color Week: Orange

Color Week: Orange

I think my favorite is the last image. I would have liked to include more of the note, but I didn’t want to publicize any of the names of Eamonn’s classmates, and thought blurring them out would look tacky.

I’m off to get educated. Have a great day!


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Color Week: Orange

  1. The last image is my favorite too.

    1. How did I post already???? Oh! It wasn’t me! LOL I enjoyed today’s photos!

      1. I don’t think I’ve ever come across another Michele with one “L”….cool!
        Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

        1. Really? My best friend in high school was a Michele with one L. She always had to correct people, too. I’m sure you can relate!

        2. I’ve known a few others that spelled their names correctly and it’s always fun to bond over it!

          1. lol I love how any other way to spell Michele…is incorrect. I would have to agree. 😉

  2. Great pictures! You know, I have been contemplating doing the one object/365 day thingy, I am just wondering if I can keep it up….

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