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We interrupt Color Week to introduce you to Boring Office Guy:

Apparently in this house, trying on a new suit is enough to invoke an entire alternate persona complete with theme song.

Also, please say hello to Mr. Oops I. Scalpedhim

Mr. Oops I. Scalpedhim

Evidently I am not to be trusted with clippers once I’ve let the boys’ hair get too long – I go completely crazy and buzz it all off. Actually, I think it looks pretty good right now, but you should have seen it before he hopped in the shower and washed it. I was so sure he’d be wearing the “My Mother Cuts My Hair” look for the next several weeks, but I think we may have dodged that bullet 😉


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Posted on 14 Comments

14 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. We have now watched the boring office guy about ten times, my 7 year old says “he’s so funny mom, watch it again”. Pure entertainment, he wanted to call to let him know, but I told him we could just leave a comment.

  2. An entire alternate pop-locking persona, no less. I wish Boring Office Guy worked in my office. I have watched this video four times and still laugh aloud each time.

  3. I LOVE BORING OFFICE GUY! The little shimmy at the end is awesome. I had to watch it again. What a character.

    I think Mr. Oops I. Scalpedhim looks pretty good – infact, my boys need their hair cut and my husband and I were just talking about how good it would be if I could cut their hair – I’m just afraid it would be such a huge disaster… scissors near jumpy boys- ahhh!

  4. LOL! Boring Office Guy can come to work at my office anytime. He is so adorable!

  5. ROFLMAO!!! thank you so much for the morning laugh. Mr Boring Office Guy is wonderful! Not to mention he looks very sharp in that persona 🙂

    Mr “Ooops I scalped him” looks wonderful.

    You have very handsome young men living with you Lisa

  6. Still watching BOG, twelve hours later. So so awesome.

  7. Sharp Dressed “Little Man”….Boring Office Guy ROCKS!!! not to mention both boys are “cute as a bug”…and coming from a hair stylist…the hair cut looks great!!….thanks for the giggles!!…. 🙂

  8. Ok, i have to admit i came back to watch BOG before sitting down to work. He’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

  9. You did a much better job than I ever could cutting your son’s hair! It’s a trip to the barber for my three-year-old.

    I couldn’t find any pretty, cheap sheets for the skirt challenge (and I still feel bad about that), but I did turn my older son’s crib sheet into an adorable pair of pants for my four-month-old. You can see him in the pants on my baby blog.

    I couldn’t have done it without your challenge as inspiration, so even though I’m not officially playing along I’m still playing. And I look forward to seeing what everyone else creates. 🙂

    See what Melissa has been blogging about: Ooh la la!

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  11. I admit it too–I watched BOG all by myself when I got back from the morning meeting–even after I watched it a half dozen times before school with Nell. I love Boring Office Guy. I think he needs his own series.

  12. BOG rocks! I’ll be thinking about him all day when I’m at my ‘boring office job’ — can he come visit our office?

  13. OMG Boring Office Guy is hilarious!! I love it!

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