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Buttons can bejewel you

Ready for another Big Button Challenge entry?  This jewelry set comes to us from Beth Ackley, in collaboration with her daughter Alaina.

Stones and crystals were used that would bring out the colors in the buttons.  In the necklace, a square pearl was used to contrast the roundness of the button.  Unique, isn’t it?

The button Beth chose for her project is a Focal Button in the Blue colors and Watercolor pattern.  The bracelet features a set of four Blue Pinstripe buttons that she ordered to complement it.


We’re officially halfway through with the entries!  Five more to go.  Once everyone has had a spotlight, I’ll post one final summary post, and open it up to a vote.  The most popular entry will win a prize, but I’ve also decided to offer a prize to a random voter.  Be sure to keep your eyes open for that!


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Posted on 1 Comment

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