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Craftsy classes are a bargain right now!

I have been taking short walks at night lately, and today I took my camera with me.

I’m keeping this short and sweet because I’m supposed to be unloading the dishwasher and getting some supper started right now. I had to do this first, though, because kitchen work is so boring in comparison to learning new skills and making cool things. So check it out:

Craftsy is having a 2-day Birthday sale, and all classes are marked down to $19.99!

(cue sound of needle scratching across record)

I snagged myself a photography class I had my eye on. It would have been fifty dollars at full price!

Craftsy classes, honestly, are worth it at full price: there are several hours of instruction, and lots of fancy features that make it almost as good as an in-person class (and some features that make it better than one). But I’m not made of money, so I when a class catches my eye, I usually put it on my wish list for a special occasion.

Well, I think 60% off is special enough 😎

Here’s the link* to the sale. Go learn something new!

I have been taking short walks at night lately, and today I took my camera with me.

My work here is done. My work in the kitchen, on the other hand, is just beginning. Maybe I’ll start watching my new class while the rice boils…

*affiliate link, thanks for your support

**these images have nothing to do with Craftsy or with the kitchen. I just took them on a walk earlier this week and I thought you might like them.


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