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Scaling Mount Laundry

The piles of clothes around my bedroom got to be too much finally.  There were baskets and stacks of clean clothes, an overflowing basket of dirty clothes, and a whole lot of over-stuffed bags of clothes to be given away.  Everything was starting to bleed together, and well, I couldn’t walk over to my side […]

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There was a perfect hour or so last night, when all four of us were together in the same cozy space, all working on our own little projects, but still together.  The TV was off, the house was quiet, save for the sounds of acorns pelting the roof, and I just felt very grateful to […]

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Polka Dot Downloads

I’ve been hinting about this for a few weeks, and I’ve even had it up and running for the last several days.  You may have noticed, if you’ve been poking around or if you read my blog on Facebook, where I gave everybody a little sneak peek.  It’s official now, though: welcome to the Grand […]

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Friday Photo Love

Looks like I’ve had thoughts of wearable-art dancing in my head this week.  And maybe a little bit of food, too… I love Nikki‘s pumpkin bread teacher gifts.  She put me to shame this year.  (That’s not hard to do, since I actually never got around to making any bread or gifting it.  I’m such […]

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Lounge pants, Fall-style

You’re looking at another (my third) pair of Amy Butler In Stitches lounge pants.  My other two pairs are very springy and summery, and I was feeling more like wearing oranges and greens than I was aquas and pinks, and I guess that was just the push I needed to make enough table space for […]

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Ah, the “charm pack.”  A package of 40-some-odd five-inch squares of fabric, samples of each print in a given fabric collection (in this case  “Punctuation” by Sandy Klop/American Jane). Most people use them in quilt tops, but me? I like to spend an hour sorting them by color.  And then by pattern.  And then in […]

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Morning Coffee with Cindy Lietz

Happy Monday morning, everyone!  I’m happy to present today’s Morning Coffee conversation.  It’s the last of the three reader interviews I promised last month, and most likely the last interview before Morning Coffee takes a long hiatus.  It’s been fun, but I have a new series that will be demanding my attention soon.  More details […]

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Friday Photo Love + a new Freebie idea

I usually like to get this Friday post done bright and early, but I have to admit, I completely forgot about it until I woke up this morning, and then there was the usual business of making lunch and ferrying children to deal with.  You know how it is!  So, here is this week’s Friday […]

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