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Lounge pants, Fall-style


You’re looking at another (my third) pair of Amy Butler In Stitches lounge pants.  My other two pairs are very springy and summery, and I was feeling more like wearing oranges and greens than I was aquas and pinks, and I guess that was just the push I needed to make enough table space for my sewing paraphernalia and get back behind the machine.  It’s been months!  Boy, have I missed it.

This pattern comes together pretty quickly, especially if you’ve already made your fair share of bandana pants and pj bottoms in the past.  I love the way these look and feel – snug enough up top that there is no saggy-bottom feeling, and wide-legged enough to give a real luxurious air to them.  Paired with a nice body-skimming t-shirt, you almost feel you can leave the house in these.  (And probably in a less flamboyant fabric, you could!)

Speaking of the fabric, you may recognize it from my blog header.  It’s the Maples print in Citrus from Martha Negley’s Autumn Medley collection (I got mine locally at Down Cellar and online from Sew Mama Sew – yes, I had to buy it twice – I am apparently measurementally-challenged).

Happy First Day of Fall!  Go make yourself a pair of festive lounge pants.  Or, at the very least, make yourself a loaf of pumpkin bread and a cup of hot apple cider to go with it! (Says the one who had a bowl of dry Apple Cinnamon Cheerios for breakfast… do as I say, not as I do!)


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Lounge pants, Fall-style

  1. You make such beautiful pants! I liked your other pair (blue and rosy one) so much (more than any other made from this pattern by so many bloggers) that I had to buy the book also. I have a brown organic cotton fabric saved for it, but I am a bit scared of the project.

  2. I was afraid of the pattern for a long time, too – the book sat on my shelf for two years before I overcame my fear of sewing terminology 🙂 If it helps, I didn’t do the ribbon trim on any of mine, nor the drawstring waist (I used elastic).

    Maybe it looks less scary in simpler terms:
    * sew one front leg to one back leg at inner seam
    * repeat for other leg
    * sew legs to each other at the crotch seam
    * sew up both outer seams
    * make elastic casing
    * hem each leg

    The book goes into way more detail, of course, but sometimes I think detail can be intimidating 🙂

    Thanks for the complement on my pants – I just love that pair, too!

  3. Your instructions do make it sound simple. Thank you so much. You are so nice. I have to try this soon.

  4. I know about the sewing thing-if I’m away from it too long I start having withdrawal symptoms. (Which I’m having right now!) Like your pants-I should try that, they look so comfy.

    1. They are super comfy. A little flamboyant, but what does my bed care? 🙂


  6. Love the pants. I’ve still got to try making pants like this but I just got some nice fabric on Friday so this might be the push I need to give it a go.


  7. […] have three other versions of these pants, and I am particularly fond of my floral pair and my leafy pair, but it bothers me that they’re so seasonal. I have a hard time bringing myself to wear pink […]

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