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There was a perfect hour or so last night, when all four of us were together in the same cozy space, all working on our own little projects, but still together.  The TV was off, the house was quiet, save for the sounds of acorns pelting the roof, and I just felt very grateful to have my little family here in this peaceful spot for a while.

It was during that hour that I finished up my second-ever sweater project.  This one was much less ambitious than the first, but equally as thrilling to reach the end of.  I’m more about the final result than I am about the process, so I have a tendency to get antsy when a project takes more than a week to finish.  I actually wore the sweater out and about this weekend before the sleeves were done.  So impatient!

Anyway, the sleeves are now finished, and I do think this cute little cardigan looks much better with them than it did without.


5029825810_69a7174366_m-flickr 5029209831_3147e2ff53_m-flickr

The details

Pattern: Sassymetrical by Gail Schiff – a cropped cardigan that can be worn asymmetrically.  When I wear it like that, Neil calls it my “bag lady sweater” but what do men know, right? Heh.

Yarn: Berroco Remix in Buttercup, 2 balls plus a little bit of a third. I like Berroco because it’s affordable, I like Remix because it’s recycled and machine-washable, and I like Buttercup because I’m starting to get very sweet on mustard lately.  It’s a lovely companion color to the vintagey pale blue-green aqua that has tugged at my heartstrings for the past three+ years.

Modifications: The original pattern called for a dk-weight yarn, and Remix is worsted.  I adjusted the pattern to take my different gauge into account, and also to deal with the fact that I am not a size Small.  Ahem.


The shawl pin is one of the ones I made earlier this year.  I still have a few available in the shop, if you like.  If I’m going to be wearing this sweater regularly in the coming months, I think I will need to make some more shawl pins for different color moods – in particular, I need one in that vintagey pale blue-green aqua.  Of course.


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Posted on 9 Comments

9 thoughts on “Sassymetrical

  1. Very cute. That color looks great on you with the brown shirt. Love it!

    1. Thank you! I love it too. Now, if the weather would only feel cool and crisp like September should, instead of wet an muggy like mid-August, I could actually wear it!!

  2. That’s a very striking color and the cardigan looks great on you. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Can’t wait until I have the weather to wear it 🙂

  3. Absolutely lovely cardigan and i looks great with the pin. I will buy on from you one day! Just what I would wear!
    But now I wonder who took the photo of the 4 of you in the living room, self-timer? It looks like one of those old painting of families in their domestic environments! 🙂

    1. Self-timer, yes. I set it to take several shots in a row, so we could just go about our business and not pay attention to the camera 🙂

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