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Going to Scotland! But first, making things!

We’re going to Scotland for Worldcon 2024 next month! I’ve been preparing for this trip in the most Lisa Clarke of ways: making jewelry and a shawl to coordinate with the convention colors. Oh, I’m such a nerd really, but I can’t stop myself! The artistic geniuses in Glasgow have designed an official tartan, a yarn colorway, custom fabric, and all kinds of other things featuring the convention colors and branding. And naturally that has inspired me, too.

If you know me at all, you know I love mixing up custom clay color schemes for special occasions!

If you’re headed to Worldcon, too, or you just like navy blues and deep purples, and light greens, and such, read on to learn more about the collection and maybe buy a little something for yourself.

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Sanded, buffed, and pooped.

Whew.  Another great clayathon under my belt.  I really have to make sure that I pull my clay supplies out of hibernation more often this year.  In 2010 there were only four times I did any major claywork.  I think the first step is to make my supplies much more accessible.  Setting up and tearing […]

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Weave Cane

I’m checking in from the Clayathon.  I made it here in one piece yesterday afternoon, and after about an hour of dithering about, wondering what I should make first, I dove into shawl pins, buttons, and barrettes in two patterns: Grayscale Weave and Swamp Weave.  (Those are the barrettes up there.  The green one got […]

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Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial + giveaway winner

It’s time for another Polka Dot Download! How about a little something in clay this time?  Through the Plaid Shawl Pin Tutorial, you will learn how to make a deceptively simple plaid-patterned cane and then use it in the construction of a shawl pin like this one.  (Be sure to have a look here, if […]

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