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Christmas Mokume

The snow fell yesterday, most of the afternoon in big fluffy flakes.  I often say how much I dislike snow, but the truth is that the objectionable part of a snowfall, to me, is its aftermath – the shoveling of it, the driving in it, the trudging through it.  The actual snowfall itself is something I can enjoy, particularly when it comes during the holiday season.

A cozy Saturday afternoon in December, with no place to go, and snow gently floating past the windows lends itself to daydreaming.  I spent some time yesterday thinking about the claywork I’ve been doing lately, which led me to thoughts of my upcoming open house, which it turn got me asking the inevitable question: what am I going to wear?

My Santa skirt was a good choice, but what about jewelry?

And so it came to pass that Saturday afternoon would be a clay day, surrounded by the festive colors of the Santa fabric, and the mokume recipe I’d come up with for the Beach necklaces of the summer.  The snow came down all afternoon, while I mixed and deliberately stacked colors, made impressions, formed tiles, and hummed tunes.

And in the evening, I moved the operation to the family room. I sat by the roaring fire, watched a Christmas movie with Neil and the boys, sanded, buffed, and assembled.  It was long past Midnight when my head hit the pillow.

I could have been finished with this whole process in about an hour, if I’d stopped at making one pair of earrings for myself, but you probably know by now that’s now how I roll…

I’m keeping my favorite earrings, but everything else is up for grabs.  If you, too, have a Santa skirt to wear, need something to complement your festive red sweater, or would just appreciate a pop of color on top of your gray t-shirt, you might like these guys.

Be merry!


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Posted on 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Christmas Mokume

  1. New blog post: Christmas Mokume

  2. I agree-the actual snowfall is pretty, but hate that aftermath. We’ve been in the throes of a winter storm-ended up not having more than a couple inches of snow but it brought out the creativity in me-crocheted until my hand wouldn’t work. Then I switched to knitting until my eyes went crossed. I’d have moved on to sewing but by that time it was bedtime!
    .-= See Marty’s latest blog post: Candle of Peace =-.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    As you know I just loved the beach necklace I bought for myself for my birthday, so it’s fitting I buy one of these for myself for Christmas :-). It was hard deciding which one though :-).

    .-= See Libby’s latest blog post: School Fun Day =-.

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