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August of Earrings

August of Earrings

Here they are: all 31 styles from my August of Earrings project. 31 adventures in wearable art: post earrings, resin coatings, glitter, and upside-down U shapes; mokume gane, translucency, metal leaf, and texture; flowers, elongated rectangles, tear drops, and blobby egg shapes; hoops, twists, sculpted mushrooms, and cascading colors 😍

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New Year, New Project?

Introducing the Campfire Blanket: a new crochet pattern! This hexagon blanket features a fiery color scheme, has straight sides, and a ripple top and bottom. It features several shades of each color in order to get a random, scrappy look. The pattern is fully illustrated and available for download now.

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Face Coverings in Designer Prints

Handmade Cotton Face Masks

Wearing a mask is one concrete thing that we can all do to help protect our neighbors, friends, and strangers from germs we may not even know we have! If you are in the market for a handmade double-layer cotton face mask with designer prints on the front and cozy flannel on the back, you know where to find me.

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