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In my mind, I may still be at the beach

New pendants

Turquoise sky, periwinkle ocean, golden sand… it seems I brought a little bit of the Jersey shore home with me last week, and finally let it escape through my fingers.

New pendants

This is how I spent my Saturday: breakfasting, mixing clay colors, layering the colors in just the right order, arranging the textures to mimic the look of the ocean, cutting into the layered stack, oohing, aahing, choosing the most attractive parts of the slices, forming them into pendant tiles, curing the tiles, eating lunch, drilling holes, sanding out imperfections, sanding with a finer grit, more sanding, oooh so smooth, buffing, is that shiny enough?, buffing again, choosing accent beads and findings, assembling the pieces, photographing, looking at the images critically, re-photographing, feeling satisfied, wow is it supper time already?

Time flies when you’re making miniature beachscapes.

Clearly I can’t wear all of these at once, so if you’d like your own little beachy bauble, you can wander over to the Dangly Necklaces area of the shop and pick your favorite.  They’re all a little bit different.  Thanks a million – it always feels nice when a new design gets a positive reaction!

What will I be working on tomorrow?  I’m thinking, a series of naps, each in a different room of the house, each under a different cozy quilt, preferably all next to open windows with a pleasant Spring breeze gently whispering over me.  Yeah.  That sounds about right.


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “In my mind, I may still be at the beach

  1. These are just so beautiful. So much so that I’ve ordered one as a birthday present for myself :-).


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    1. Excellent! And Happy Birthday to you 🙂

  2. I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing: you have been influenced by the shore & the sea & the sand! Fabulous creations!

    See what Nikki/whimsylove has been blogging about: Close Encounters of the Waspy Kind.

    1. Thanks, Nikki!

  3. I am new to reading your blog…and I love it! What I really love are these necklaces. They are beautiful and me being a fellow beach, sand, and sea lover…I really adore these. The colors are my favorite and I hope to order one soon!

    See what Shannon Armstrong has been blogging about: say cheese…

    1. Thanks for the complements, Shannon, and I’m so glad you dropped by – welcome!

  4. Do you think we could convince you to share the techique with us? Please, oh pretty please:)

  5. […] by the festive colors of the Santa fabric, and the mokume recipe I’d come up with for the Beach necklaces of the summer.  The snow came down all afternoon, while I mixed and deliberately stacked colors, made […]

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