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Idyllic calm

How I spent my Mothers Day

Idyllic calm. That’s what was on my mind on Sunday evening, as I thought ahead to the rest of this week. For the first time all year,

  • I had no big event looming that required me to drop everything and scramble to get ready for it
  • I had a pretty clean house
  • I was nicely caught-up with shipments

Since then, I’ve remembered a handful of Things to Do that had slipped my mind, and that peaceful feeling has begun to slowly ebb away. I do mean slowly, though. I’m not a walking ball of stress, or anything. I’m just realizing that the ability to sail effortlessly through the week may be just out of my grasp. I’m sailing, but there’s going to have to be a small amount of effort here and there if I want to get to the other side in one piece.

I realized I haven’t been blogging since my skirt tutorial on Sunday, and I missed it. The problem was that I had nothing all that interesting to say for the past couple of days. To some extent, that is still a problem, as I am a few paragraphs in and have yet to make a useful point.

Six One Way: Week of May 5

As I sit here, I realize there are things I’ve been doing that I could tell you about – how I spent Mother’s Day, how the Sheet Swap is going, the big guy’s First Communion but none of that is really inspiring me with any kind of eloquence.


Oh! How about this? I got myself a new camera! I won one on eBay this afternoon. (Saying it that way makes it sound like it was free, but of course it wasn’t.  It was a pretty nice deal, though!) Neil and I share a camera, and I really wanted one of my own. It’s officially going to be my business camera, for taking product shots and possibly doing video tutorials. Unofficially, I’m also going to work on my photography a bit and take plenty of flickr pictures. Kind of like I do now 😉 So, I’m going from a Canon Powershot A610 to a Canon Powershot S3 IS, which is still a point-and-shoot, but it seems more grown up to me. I plan to stalk the mailbox until it arrives…

As for the rest of this evening?  My plan is to get myself to a point where I can be ready to pack up a big pile of orders for shipment tomorrow. I’d better get to it, if I want to reach my goal before I conk out. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow to share something fun and creative.  Clay covered pens, anyone?  A few skirts for the weekend, perhaps?  Time will tell…


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Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “Idyllic calm

  1. Hi Lisa.
    Congrats on your camera “win”! I just got a new one myself but nothing as fancy as what you’re getting. I can’t wait to see what you shoot with it.

    Love the azalea.. we had great giant bushes of them around my house when I was growing up in every color you can imagine.


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    1. That’s the one color we have – in fact it’s really the *only* spring color we get in this yard. It is nice, though!

      I’m looking forward to playing with my new camera – I hope it gets here tomorrow 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous azalea photo, Lisa. So crisp and luminescent.
    How exciting that you won a camera! Congrats and enjoy it when it arrives! What a wonderful feeling to have a calm week to look forward to. Hope you’re enjoying every blissful moment…

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    1. Thanks, Karen! I’m happy with that photo too – every once in a while I really get it right, LOL!

  3. oooooh – my dream camera! We have the S1 IS and I am trying to come up with some justification to upgrade. Granted – there is absolutely nothing wrong with our camera – I love it… but man that new one is so cool…

    1. Actually, I think they’re up to the S5 already! The S3 that I got isn’t even on the Canon website anymore. I think it might be a 2006 model. Still looks cool to me, and I got a great deal, so I’m happy!

      1. ooh you are right – I was just ASSUMING you were getting the latest model… the S5. Oh I suppose the S3 will be better than what I have too.. bah.

  4. Congrats on your new camera! I have the S3 IS and love, love, LOVE it!!!

    I’m sure you’ll have a blast playing with all the fun features. I think the photos it takes are just amazing (because they’re certainly not due to any talent on my part). Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks! It got here yesterday, and I have been playing with it a bit. I need to find something to take pictures of! I guess I could use my offspring as photo subjects, but all I get is goofy faces out of them, LOL! So far I really love it. Can’t wait to really put it to the test on something.

  5. That’s so nice you got yourself a great camera! You always take such great artistic pictures and a great camera will make them even better! (If that’s possible!)

    1. Aw, thanks! I am looking forward to playing with it, that’s for sure.

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