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Playing with old(ish) jewelry

I treated myself to a new goldenrod-colored sweater last week, and a pair of argyle socks to match, and as I was driving home from Target, I was doing what any other jewelry designer would do – taking a mental inventory of my necklaces, trying to remember if I had anything to match my new […]

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Christmas Mokume

The snow fell yesterday, most of the afternoon in big fluffy flakes.  I often say how much I dislike snow, but the truth is that the objectionable part of a snowfall, to me, is its aftermath – the shoveling of it, the driving in it, the trudging through it.  The actual snowfall itself is something […]

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Eight almost down, seven more to go

It has been a whirlwind ornament-making extravaganza over here.  I started the first batch of four before Thanksgiving, and for the last two days have been working on the second batch of four.  I now have eight very hairy ornaments in need of a trim, and some facial features.  They should be all spruced up […]

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In my mind, I may still be at the beach

Turquoise sky, periwinkle ocean, golden sand… it seems I brought a little bit of the Jersey shore home with me last week, and finally let it escape through my fingers. This is how I spent my Saturday: breakfasting, mixing clay colors, layering the colors in just the right order, arranging the textures to mimic the […]

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Birthday baubles

So, I turned 38 today.  I decided to give myself a gift, and as such, I spent the better part of last night and this morning making myself a pendant necklace. The tile features an organic design with bits of metal leaf, touches of sparkle, and hints of translucency throughout. I sanded it and polished […]

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