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Thanks, everyone for all of the quilt love yesterday. I can’t wait to spread it out on the sand, kick back with some new reading material, or a coloring book, and just relax the day away.  I’m choosing to ignore the less-than-sunny weather forecast for this weekend.  Denial? Maybe.  But it’s preferable to imagining a day of huddling under the umbrella in our sweatshirts, don’t you think?

Self Portrait Thursday

So, I’ve been shopping for some healthy convenience foods to bring with us, so we don’t have to have every meal on the boardwalk, much as the junk food junkie in me would totally love that.

Making chocolate chip muffins

And I’ve been making chocolate chip muffins with my little helper (who was not particularly helpful today, truth be told).

New bandana pants for this season

And I’ve been whipping up some more bandana pants.  The boys love these – they practically lived in them all last summer.

I’ve a few orders to get packed up tonight, and then I’m free to focus on what I am going to wear for the next few days – always fun for me.  Wonder if I have time to sew myself a rain hat…

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Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. bandana pants? Do tell!

    See what Starr has been blogging about: mistakes and typos, oh noes!

    1. Oops, I forgot to link to them! (fixed now)
      Here’s the tutorial I used:

  2. New blog post: Preparations

  3. Thanks! I showed them to my mil to see if she will make some for my daughter… they are just too cool. 😀

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