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Beach Blanket Plan B

Sunday was rainy, as predicted.  And cold, also as predicted.  And though we did venture out to the boardwalk a few times – growing boys need pancake breakfasts, and arcade games, after all – we spent a good portion of our late morning and early afternoon cocooned in the hotel. Our hotel is situated right […]

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Thanks, everyone for all of the quilt love yesterday. I can’t wait to spread it out on the sand, kick back with some new reading material, or a coloring book, and just relax the day away.  I’m choosing to ignore the less-than-sunny weather forecast for this weekend.  Denial? Maybe.  But it’s preferable to imagining a […]

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My Skinner Blend Quilt

The Skinner Blend, for those of you not familiar with polymer clay techniques, is a popular method for color-mixing, that results in a sheet of clay that has a perfectly smooth gradation from one color to another.  I use Skinner Blends extensively in my cane-making, although by the time I’m done manipulating them, what you […]

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Buttons can be part of a brooch

It’s fall in New Zealand, and so Emma Spicer, for her submission to the Big Button Challenge, was inspired to make something to brighten up the cold mornings. This fluffy and flowery brooch is made from a 1.25-inch focal button, fabric, and seed beads. Emma can tell you all about it on her blog! The […]

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Green (and pink) aprons

I may have hinted just a teeny tiny bit that I’d like to get a copy of Betz White‘s new book, Sewing Green.  With Mother’s Day and my birthday both being this month, it may have come up in conversation once or twice.  I might have flipped through the book at Barnes & Noble last […]

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Buttons can keep your coffee cozy

The first time I saw Erin Harris‘ coffee cup cozy tutorial, I thought it would look nice with one of my buttons, so I find it kind of funny that given a 1.25-inch focal button, Erin had the same idea, and made a larger version of her cozy for the Big Button Challenge! Made to […]

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Mending my junk food junkie ways

I don’t think I mentioned the change in my diet here yet.  A few weeks ago, Neil‘s doctor recommended he try the South Beach Diet to get his triglycerides under control.  I decided to join him for a few reasons: It’s easier to plan our meals if both of us are under the same restrictions […]

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