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Buttons can keep your coffee cozy

The first time I saw Erin Harriscoffee cup cozy tutorial, I thought it would look nice with one of my buttons, so I find it kind of funny that given a 1.25-inch focal button, Erin had the same idea, and made a larger version of her cozy for the Big Button Challenge!

Made to fit her French press, she used linen, insulated batting, and Japanese cheater patchwork fabric.  What do you think?  Check out Erin’s blog for more of the nitty-gritty.

The button Erin chose for her project is a Focal Button in the Swamp color scheme and Pinstripes pattern.  There are currently two more of these buttons available here.


One more project to go!  I hope to have the voting topic ready to post by Tuesday.  If you’re new here, be sure to go have a look at all of the other submissions so far!


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Posted on 8 Comments

8 thoughts on “Buttons can keep your coffee cozy

  1. Oh it’s super cute! A really great idea.

  2. Did you know that polymer clay can be used to help keep your coffee cup cozy? Lisa Clarke did… @lclarke522

  3. This rocks … I think it is my favorite so far.

    See what SmilynStef has been blogging about: Raspberry Flowerfly

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  5. This is so neat! What a great idea! Thanks! Peggy

  6. oh this is love.

  7. I’m looking for someone to make these for my store so I can in turn monogram initials or names. Do you do this, or know someone that I can contact?


    Laura Lewis, Owner
    The Shop Around The Corner

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