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Jersey Fresh for the Summer

The NJ Department of Agriculture’s website has a comprehensive list of neighborhood markets by county. For the last two summers, I found myself referring to that list frequently to find a convenient market for a last-minute produce run. This season, I realized a visual representation would be more helpful to me, and on the off […]

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Attack of the drooling zombies

It’s been a full few days.  Eamonn and I baked bread yesterday – a delicious loaf from the bread machine cookbook I could not live without, called Maple Buttermilk Bread.  I wish that I had altered the recipe in some way so that I could freely share it with you, but I did not.  It […]

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The book pile, volume one

Every year in May I go a little bit book crazy.  I think, maybe, after several years of receiving birthday cards with Barnes & Noble gift cards tucked inside, I’ve become conditioned to mine my wish list for some creative reading, as my special day approaches.  I spend much of May mentally spending any birthday […]

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Simple joys

After spending Sunday nursing my congested head, I decided Monday would be all about the simple things that make me happy: Breakfast in bed, with a good book. Using the summer napkins for the first time this year. A gentle breeze blowing in the window during a warm shower. Plenty of back yard privacy. Perfect […]

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Someday, when I am feeling less congested, I will make myself a dainty little stack of handkerchiefs, decorated with pretty floral patterns, and keep them in my nightstand.  For now, though, the box of  Kleenex can see me through the remainder of these sneezy times.

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In my mind, I may still be at the beach

Turquoise sky, periwinkle ocean, golden sand… it seems I brought a little bit of the Jersey shore home with me last week, and finally let it escape through my fingers. This is how I spent my Saturday: breakfasting, mixing clay colors, layering the colors in just the right order, arranging the textures to mimic the […]

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Birthday baubles

So, I turned 38 today.  I decided to give myself a gift, and as such, I spent the better part of last night and this morning making myself a pendant necklace. The tile features an organic design with bits of metal leaf, touches of sparkle, and hints of translucency throughout. I sanded it and polished […]

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