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Green (and pink) aprons

I may have hinted just a teeny tiny bit that I’d like to get a copy of Betz White‘s new book, Sewing Green.  With Mother’s Day and my birthday both being this month, it may have come up in conversation once or twice.  I might have flipped through the book at Barnes & Noble last week and casually mentioned that I like a lot of the projects within.  There may also have been email bandied about with a link to the book on Amazon.

Possibly.  I don’t really remember 😉

Last night, I was sitting in my favorite chair in the living room with one or the other of my favorite kids, and my favorite husband wandered over and handed me the book out of the blue.  Squeeee!  I didn’t even have to wait for one of my special occasions.  Yay, Neil!

First project I want to try

Naturally, this morning began with us rummaging through his closet in search of dress shirts he no longer wears, so that I could make the Striped Cafe Apron.  He gave me a pile of them.  For once, the fact that he prefers to wear solid colors worked in my favor, because I pretty much got my pick of any stripe or plaid he had.  Again I say, yay, Neil!

Girly notions

I decided it would be fun to “girly” it up a bit, so I decided on some pink & green trims to go with a few of the beigey shirts.

Finished apron

It was a pretty easy process, and the instructions would have been quite clear, had I chose to read them instead of skim them.  I screwed up the pocket as a result of my skimming, but it’s nothing noticeable.  I had a few other problems with this, mostly a result of being particularly clumsy with the machine today.  I don’t really know what my problem was, but there were a few places I had trouble sewing a straight line, there are some spots where the ric-rac is uneven, and a few visibly frayed areas from where I cut up the shirts.  My personal favorite screw up, though, was stabbing myself with a pin and then dripping my blood on the pocket.  Good times.

Finished apron

Despite all of that, I love the apron.  I added a button to the pocket, to help tie together the pink ric-rac and the pink & green ties, and also because – let’s face it – there are very few things I will sew without adding one of my buttons to it!

Another colorway

I’ve got another one in the pipeline, too, because I’m really not a girly-girl, as you know, and I think the pink will only keep me happy for so long.  Bring on a nice blue, goes-with-my-jeans, kind of apron, and I could use it happily, through many a supper.

By the way, did you know Monday is National Wear Your Apron day?!  Ah, well it is.  And with that, I’m off to don my apron and scrounge us a healthy supper!  Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

Posted on 19 Comments

19 thoughts on “Green (and pink) aprons

  1. You will be responsible for my oncoming sewing obsession.


    And a closet full of rarely worn dress shirts is in my future…

    1. You’re welcome 😀

  2. Beige and pink make a lovely combination. Of course drawing blood validates handmade, sorry about that. My dear Son always inspects things Nana makes him for the single lost pin that is “complimentary” with every gift.

    I saw this recently…

    Dear Hubby’s closet is in danger for sure.

    1. Oh, that dress! I spent a 20-minute car ride last night daydreaming about how I could repurpose one of those shirts into a summer blouse for me, actually, and I think I’d go about it in much the same way she did for the dress. Thanks for passing the link along.

  3. Love the apron. it looks great. That books sounds good too – might have get my hands on it now that I’m finally learning to sew.


    1. I haven’t really read it carefully enough to know if it is clear for a beginner – like I said, I pretty much just skimmed the instructions – but I’m no expert and I found it pretty easy to follow. The projects are very inspiring. I am eager to try the reversible wrap skirt that starts with a vintage tablecloth next!

  4. Really great apron and I love the re-purposing. You always make these things look so easy, regardless of your skimming. Betz White is so talented too.. I love her felted pincushions.

    1. I am a big fan of her aesthetic. I don’t have her first book, since I’m not really into felting. I suspect it’s only a matter of time, though…

  5. LOL!!! And I did…all the way through the post! A great way to start the day!

    1. Glad to hear that 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  6. Happy Mother’s day you crafty thing you!!!!! What great aprons and a delightful post!!

    1. Why thank you! I was going to say “same to you” but I just realized, I don’t know if you are a mother!

  7. I love the apron, definately fabulous! You may have inspired me to get my hands on a copy of that book…you should be earning commission for that!

    See what Dara has been blogging about: Another Sewing Project…I should go into business!

    1. Haha, if you click on my link to it up there, I do! A little one, anyway 🙂

  8. (faints)That turned out gorgeous! I have a stack of men’s plaid and stripe shirts that are just begging to be turned into aprons – I can see what’s nest on my book buying list!!

    See what The Apronista has been blogging about: Wear Your Apron Day!

    1. It’s really a great book! I’ve got the reversible wrap skirt in mind next.

  9. I just wanted to let you know that I have mentioned your apron on Cuteable this evening 🙂

    See what Lynsey has been blogging about: $1 and $2 goodies in my shop!

    1. I dropped by earlier today. Thanks so much for the link 🙂

  10. […] in 2007.) I spent the summer of 2009 enamored with Betz’ second book, Sewing Green, after being completely un-subtle to my family about what a great Mother’s Day gift it would […]

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