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This is what 37 looks like

This is what 37 looks like

At least, this is how it looks on me (minus the grainy film that comes from taking pictures in less than optimal natural lighting)! My sunburn is peeling, I’ve got a few more gray hairs and a couple of laugh lines, but none of that bothers me. I admit it. I am a total birthday junkie. I don’t get people who would rather let their birthdays slip by unnoticed, or who feel that celebrating is for children. If it were up to me, I’d take the entire month of May and turn it into one big party! Actually, between Aidan’s First Communion, Mother’s Day, my birthday, our weekend away at the shore, Memorial Day, and spring exploding all around us, it really does feel like a month-long celebration. I love May.

Multimedia gifts

I was greeted this morning by the smiling faces of my not-so-evil henchmen, and three wrapped presents. That was such a nice surprise – usually I have to wait until after Neil gets home from work. Sometimes my birthday present is a trip to the mall to “see what we can find,” which is not a terrible thing – it guarantees I’ll get something I like – but the surprise-factor is pretty low.

I had breakfast this morning with a friend whose birthday was yesterday, and that was a nice treat. I don’t have a whole lot on the radar for the rest of the day. I was considering a trip to Target for some capri pants (if I’m going to insist on making more of these loud shirts, I’m really going to need something neutral to wear them with) and maybe doing a little something creative. I have some clay-covered pens that need the finishing touches. Maybe I’ll just listen to my new CD and read my new book all afternoon.

One Object 365 Days: 143/365 05/22/08

It’s raining today. It’s not supposed to rain on my birthday. It’s also not supposed to be 49 degrees. One of the benefits of a late May birthday is sunshine and breezy-clothes-weather. I’m nothing if not stubborn, so I’m wearing my new summer shirt anyway, and I’m wearing summer footwear, and I’m just pretending that my toes aren’t cold and that I’m not covering up the new shirt with a sweater. Denial. It works for me.


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Posted on 29 Comments

29 thoughts on “This is what 37 looks like

  1. Happy birthday — 37 looks great on you! And yay for wearing your new shirt & necklace despite the weather. Hope today & the rest of May are wonderful for you…

    1. Aw, thanks! And that happy weather came today, so better late than never, I say! Hope you’re feeling better. I laughed today when I saw o Twitter that your cat approved of your recent do-nothing-ness.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! AHH the one day when you can do “most” of what you want and not feel guilty. I have to say I just love the blouse and with that being said you have now cost me money.hehe. I HAD to make a trip to Jo-Ann’s this morning to get the pattern. I hope to make it today. I also than had to go to Barnes and Nobles and get some sewing magazines and of course the book section was calling my name and lol I bought the sew and store book you got for your birthday a long with some other’s too. I guess we really do have the same taste. Hope you have a great day.

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    1. I guess it’s true what people have been saying lately – I am a bad influence! Heh. Hope you have/had luck with the pattern!

  3. beautiful! happy birthday! i’m intrigued by your jewelry line. i love the necklace and anklet! and oh…the weepies! what a lovely gift!

    1. Thanks for the complement – funny thing is, those jewelry pieces are things I whipped up for myself and never made more of. I am thinking that I should make more of those pendants, though. They are relatively easy to make and could be an attractive less-expensive item to have available!

  4. happy, happy birthday!! you are absolutely lovely!!

    i am buying that simplicity pattern today~ i can’t resist any longer after seeing the last couple tops you have sewn from it 🙂

    erika~ the inspired mama

    1. Ah, welcome to the Simplicity 3835 dark side 😉

  5. I am inclined to agree with you about May. My birthday, my daughters birthday, my sisters, my mothers birthday, and birthday are all this month. (31st, 20th, 20th, 26th all smooshed up together. hehe) I love all of the tops that you have made so far. And I have a sheet ready to become a skirt. Now to shave my legs. heh

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    1. My brother’s birthday is this month, too (on the 30th). And two of my three cousins (the 4th and the 15th). It’s always been such a fun month for me. Happy Birthday to you, too!

      I hear you on the leg shaving. 🙂

  6. Happy Happy Birthday to you! I agree with Erika – that sheet top is making me crazy to bust out one of my own. Hope the balance of your day is as splendid as the beginning.

    1. Thanks! And you should definitely go for it! I think I like seeing other people’s versions as much as I like making them for myself 🙂

  7. Happy BirthMONTH!! I am so with you on the birthday deal! I am ALL about letting people know it is MY day! Let’s celebrate till we cann’t celebrate, then I hope people will still celebrate after I am gone (just cuz they knew I would be celebrating!)! 😉 Have a GREAT one!

    1. Heh. As far as I’m concerned the party isn’t over until I’ve spent my birthday money 😉 Got a check from my parents and am still contemplating what lovelies I want to spend it on!

  8. Yom haletetz sammeach my friend. 37 looks mahvalous on you! Looks like you had a great wakeup call and with a day of nothing but you planned… has to be a rockiful day!

    1. Is rockiful a word?? LOL! Thanks for the bi-lingual birthday wishes 🙂

  9. happy happy birthday lisa! so great and funny that we share the same day. i knew i like you!

    1. Thanks! It’s too bad we don’t live near each other – I could have had a piece of your cake, LOL!

  10. Happy belated birthday! You’ll love the Weepies and I”m jealous that you have the SG-1 movie!

    1. Definitely enjoying the Weepies. Movie night tomorrow night – woo hoo!

  11. Hey Lady! Happy B-Day! I keep following your blog and I’m totally amazed by you. With all you do I was sure you would have a messy house. You don’t . What’s up with that? I haven’t figured that one out for myself yet. God Bless Friend! I guess I’m stuck with this scarey sillouette too.

    1. All I can say to that is “creative cropping!” Seriously. The place looks like a bomb went off, and it looks that way more often than it doesn’t. I just try to find the one clutter-free corner of the house when I am taking pictures. Lucky for me, that corner changes from time to time, and gives the impression of all-over neatness. Now, don’t you feel better? 🙂

  12. Happy birthday to you Lisa!
    Have a wonderful day filled with love and friendship!

    1. Thank you!

  13. Happy birthday! I agree with you about birthdays — why shouldn’t you get some attention one day a year?

    I do find it a bit hard to sympathize with you about getting bad weather one time, though…try having a birthday in early January! The only times mine has ever been nice (weather-wise) were when we lived in Florida. (Though, on the other hand, I did occasionally get snow days on my birthday when I was in school.) I always hated having been born in January; it’s so soon after Christmas that all the lights and celebrations are over, and plus, everyone’s broke from the holidays so I got lots of “combination” presents over the years. And it’s cold and dark and dismal.

    Oops, sorry to have hijacked your post with my whining. Happy birthday. 🙂

    1. Heh. I’m surprised it took 15 or so comments before some Winter baby started whining about snow and cold 😉

      Actually, I do feel bad for those with Winter birthdays, particularly December and January. It seems to me nearly impossible to separate it from all of the other hoopla at that time of year. And I’ve always liked that my special occasions are so nicely-spaced that I’ve got something to look forward to every six months or so. Must be a bit of a bummer to have everything all lumped together.

      1. Yup, most definitely. I can deal with the weather (especially since, truth be told, I’m pretty much a homebody anyway), but it does really suck to have it be so close to the holidays.

        Of course, it could be worse: I have a friend whose birthday is on New Year’s Eve. (But she grew up in a pretty wealthy family, so she, at least, never had to put up with combo gifts!)

  14. Sorry I missed saying it on your birthday, but..

    37 looks beautiful! 😀


  15. Oh, happy belated! You’re a lovely 37!

    The Weepies are the best, aren’t they? I am a huge huge fan of them, and of Deb Talan (she has some great solo records before she became 1/2 of The Weepies! Maybe if Neil is reading… good presents for next year!)

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