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I think I have a shoe problem

Favorites week of November 5

Would you look at my flickr favorites? Clearly I am a little unbalanced when it comes to shoes. Strangely enough, I don’t have a huge shoe wardrobe myself. I have a black lace-up pair I have had for 7 years and wear most of the time, a brown pair of maryjanes from eBay, and a black pair of maryjanes from eBay. Other than that there are a few other pairs laying around that I sometimes wear, but these are my main ones. In the summer, it’s my black sandals or flip-flips. So many fun & funky shoes in my favorites, but I’m still playing it safe with black & brown in Real Life.


Today I am thankful for time with friends. Time to share some conversation, a little lunch, some more conversation, a delicious cup of gingerbread coffee with pumpkin creamer, and just a bit more conversation. Thanks for a nice time, Michelle. Let’s not wait another 8.5 months before we do this again!

And by the way, Michelle, what on earth has happened to our children? Remember these sweet babies?


When did they turn into this?

Wierd kids


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