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This is not one of those times

New skirt

Some days when the boys are home from school, I get all domestic and get in the mood to take care of laundry, clean up the kitchen, maybe catch up on some business email. This is not one of those days. When it became clear to me that the guys were hunkering down for a long morning of imaginative play in their pajamas, I decided I wanted to play something myself. So, I sat on my bed with a pile of fabric, cut out the pieces for my mother-in-law’s birthday present, and I cut out the fabric for a skirt. I didn’t stitch up my MIL’s napkins, but I did make this skirt – my Thanksgiving skirt. Yes, I realize these guys are roosters and not turkeys, but I couldn’t find turkeys. Or pilgrims. Or cornucopias. Or depictions of Thanksgiving feasts. So roosters it is, and I think they’re nifty. Specifically, the fabric is Alexander Henry’s The Roost. The skirt itself was made without a pattern. I just folded it selvage-to-selvage, stitched it into a tube, hemmed it, and made an elastic casing on the top.

What I did this morning - BEFOREWhat I did this morning - AFTER

I still felt like playing after that, so I colored my hair. I spent this summer squirting peroxide here and there on my head, leading to streaks of lighter color. I did have a plan, but I kind of lost interest in pursuing it at some point, and stopped bothering. And it was starting to look like I stopped bothering. So, I got my hands on a box of temporary 28-shampoo Chestnut Brown and went to town. Now I look more like nature intended 😉 At least for the next few weeks, anyway.

Turkey Curry Meatball Soup

I didn’t make the soup this morning – I did that on Monday, but I did eat the leftovers for lunch yesterday, and that’s when I took this picture. It’s Turkey Curry Meatball Soup, and despite the fact that it’s full of vegetables, I really like it! I even liked it for lunch a few days later, and I am not a leftovers fan, generally-speaking. Good thing it was delicious, because the recipe made quite a bit. As part of my “get organized” initiative, I’m planning our meals for the week, and giving each day a “theme.” Mondays are to be “try something new” night and this soup was the first candidate. I’m so glad we liked it, because I now have three containers of it frozen for future “grab something decent out of the freezer” nights.

Day two and I’m already thinking of skipping the NaBloPoMo festivities. Not that I won’t post every day, because I might, but I think I’ve lost interest in the idea of being part of the whole organized movement. Still, being thankful is always a good thing, so I’ll end this post with what I am thankful for today: Days off from school that we can spend playing (together or on our own) and spontaneously visiting with family.

And with that, I must go and straighten up the living room – my mother and nephews are coming over shortly to join us for lunch at Stewarts (see? I meant it when I told them “maybe another day”) followed by a little play time.

Posted on 11 Comments

11 thoughts on “This is not one of those times

  1. what a great skirt! My MIL would love it as she is a huge rooster fan :O)

    Love the hair color too

    See what Jen has been blogging about: sandbox

    1. Thanks! I’ve still got 3/4 yards of that fabric – maybe it’ll turn into an apron or something. That would be a nice MIL Christmas gift, dontcha think? Heh.

  2. that soup looks great! Gonna share the recipe??

    See what Kathi has been blogging about: Closer to Hannukah

    1. Yeah, actually. Click on the link on the soup’s name. The recipe is at the end of that post.

      1. DOH!! this would be Kathi’s head slap moment. Of course you would have the link to it. oy vey, my bing of suzy homemaker canning fried that one brain cell.

  3. Your skirt is adorable and your hair looks great.

  4. A call out from the other side of the abyss… I’ve been too busy lately to check your blog every day but finally catching up.

    Re: your precious visitor & allergies. I have had cats for years & no allergies, but something about my short-haired white cat sets me off. Maybe N isn’t allergic to *all* cats, would he let you test drive one? My long hair maine coon looking cat doesn’t bother me at all. Just my 2 cents… (sorry Neil)

    Re: shopping with kids. Yep, I’d sooner shove chopsticks under my fingernails than take them shopping. But sometimes C just has to have a winter coat since the low the next morning would be in the 30’s. ohhh the memory of that shopping trip on Tuesday, ohhh the humanity. I thought child protective services would be on me after I threatened to smack one of them w/ a coat hanger in the dressing room.
    But I do love costumes on clearance as mine play dress-up all the time. Good score!

    Re: organizational initiative. Do you have anything to share? I tried following your flylady daily challenges, but since I haven’t had time to even check your blog, needless to say I haven’t looked at the challenges either.

    Re: upside down patterns. I proudly own an apron w/ an upside down pattern. Trust me, no one has noticed (mostly anyone that sees me in the apron working in the kitchen are amazed that I am working in the kitchen, lol).

    Finally, I haven’t checked your store but do you have a “clay for dummies” book? I am still intriged by putting clay on wine glass stems. [side note -I have decided to wait for the sewing machine as a Christmas gift so needing to move on to another craft, lol]. I even ventured into the clay aisle at Michael’s….. somebody stop me! Especially since my scapbooking crap is spread all over the LR right now, waiting for me to work on it or pack it up. Ahhh, the allure of a new creative form, clay!

    Love you & your blog!

    1. Heh, once you start with polymer clay stopping may be a challenge 😉

      I have several books that would be good for beginners. I can’t think offhand whether I have any books that specifically show covering a wine glass stem with clay, but I know I’ve seen it done before. I’ll have to look. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions:

      Hope this helps!

  5. you are such a funny girl!
    Did you ever get your Creative Blog blinkie for all featured bloggers?
    email me

    1. Thanks, Kim!

      I saw the blinkie but I didn’t take it, since you haven’t featured me. Or, did you and I missed it???

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