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Stubborn streak

Outdoor breakfastYou might say I’m stubborn. I got it in my head last night as I was falling asleep that it would be nice to have an outdoor breakfast this morning, now that we have some new furniture. So when I awoke and realized the rest of the house was still asleep, I seized the chance to have a nice peaceful morning respite on one of my new old chairs.

Just one problem. It rained buckets last night, and the air is still as thick as pea soup out here. It’s great if you’re into jungle climates, but it’s got some drawbacks for the rest of us. For instance, the chair I’m sitting on – still damp. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a nice big wet spot on my jammies when I stand up later. Hasn’t stopped me, though. See? Stubborn.

Hazy morning

Still, there is a nice breeze now and then, and the best part? No bees. I hate those little buggers, and in weather like this they like to stay cozy in their hives. Fine with me!

I hear the rest of the house waking up now, lots of little footsteps. And either it’s raining again, or the trees are just shedding some of the moisture they retained from last night’s storm. Either way, I should wrap this up and avoid getting my laptop soaked.

Oh, but really quickly before I go… this week’s Flickr favorites:

Favorites week of July 22

 Enjoy your Saturday!


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