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All that glitters


I hope you’ll forgive me putting on my salesperson hat, but I think this may be the easiest way to get the word out… Remember Polka Dot Creations? And how I closed up shop at the end of June, saying I would ship just two more times before closing for good? Back in September, the […]

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Last day.

28 pdc 02

So, at Midnight, Eastern Daylight Time (or maybe before then, if I decide to go to bed early) I will be pulling the plug on Polka Dot Creations. I was realizing the other day that choosing June 30th as my last day is actually somewhat appropriate. I officially opened PDC (with all of the correct […]

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A side track

granny square sampler in progress

I have been living and breathing Polka Dot Creations for the last two weeks. When I am not packing and shipping orders, I’m re-counting inventory, or processing orders.  One some level it’s quite amusing to me that in order to be able to stop doing these things that bring me little joy, I need to […]

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Busy. So busy.


Whose idea was it to have a gigantic sale the same week that there are FOUR end-of-school-year events and a big-deal family party? I sometimes forget that I am but one person, only to be reminded of the fact in no uncertain terms, when I keep dropping all of the balls I am juggling. I […]

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The End of Polka Dot Creations

going out of business

After eleven years, Polka Dot Creations is closing its doors.

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I’ve been whittling away at that book pile. This week has felt like a jumble of books and boxes.  I’m not used to all of this business at one time!  But there’s good news.  The book pile is… …nearly gone!  I just have to weigh this last batch, print the postage, and plop them down on the […]

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Uh, wow.

365 day 311 - Pack and ship and pack and ship

Sometimes when I announce a sale over at Polka Dot Creations, the response can be sorta lukewarm.  It gets discouraging.  That’s why, when I decided to run a sale this past weekend, I figured I needed to make the discount something to write home about. 75% did the trick. Holy cow, is this a lot […]

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21st Century Fun

I’ve got a few announcements today, both of which take advantage of some fun technology. First up, two FREE Android apps! I’ve mentioned the Polka Dot Cottage app here before, but I thought I would bring it up again, because I have since made it available on the Android Market.  That makes it much easier […]

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It’s looking like the new GREEN issue of From Polymer to Art will be dropping on my doorstep today or tomorrow. There has been such an overwhelmingly good response to this issue (thank you!), that I am close to selling out already, and the magazines haven’t even gotten here yet! I’ll be ordering more this […]

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Patterns in Polymer + giveaway

11 book 01

Julie Picarello is a talented polymer clay artist with a knack for color, pattern, and texture. Her upcoming book reveals all of the secrets of her brand of mokume gane, and walks you through several attractive projects. Take a peek inside, and leave a comment for your chance to win a copy!

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