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Last day.

So, at Midnight, Eastern Daylight Time (or maybe before then, if I decide to go to bed early) I will be pulling the plug on Polka Dot Creations. I was realizing the other day that choosing June 30th as my last day is actually somewhat appropriate. I officially opened PDC (with all of the correct governmental paperwork and such) on July 1st, 2001. So it’s exactly eleven years. Cool.

The shelves in my basement are just decimated.  If you took the virtual tour in 2008, you would be shocked to know that this small bookcase is all that remains of the books, DVDs, VHS tapes, and magazines that specialize in polymer clay. Wow.

And, actually, everything in that bottom row is already promised to somebody and slated to be packed up in the next few days!

I also have 5 shelves left of magazines that are tangential to polymer clay (jewelry-making, wearable art, craft business, etc.) and while that looks like a lot, there used to be twice as much of that. At least.

P.S. As long as I am still open, these magazines are available for 50 cents each – that’s a real steal, especially for the Stampington ones, some of which go for $15!

I’m not feeling in the least bit nostalgic about this. I expected that I would be, but I think this past month of hard, hard work has just enhanced my resolve to be done with it. I am very much hoping for a peaceful July!

Thanks, all of you who have supported my business for the last eleven years! And to those of you who just showed up to take advantage of 75% off sales? I’m thanking you, too, because without you, I’d be spending my summer desperately trying to hawk my inventory on eBay. I’m glad to be spared that.

Thank you to my mail lady, and to my pack mule husband who lugged more than half of the shipments to the post office so our poor mail lady wouldn’t go postal…

Speaking of my husband, every member of my little family pitched in this month in some way, whether it was pulling the items from the basement for me to pack, helping me pack the orders up, filling boxes with packing peanuts, lugging the boxes up the stairs, or helping me apply shipping labels.  I am so thankful for your help, guys, and I plan to take you all out for a delicious treat!

I also have to thank those members of my community that responded to my desperate plea for more cardboard boxes! You know who you are. Thank you! I appreciated the ability to recycle as many supplies as possible.

Earlier this week, I made my final credit card payment, achieved that elusive zero balance for the first time in, like, ever, and now I can retire from this job in peace. Ahhhhh.

What’s next for me? More eBook-writing!

But first? A small vacation from business of any kind. Followed by a nap 🙂


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Posted on 7 Comments

7 thoughts on “Last day.

  1. Wow, Lisa. I understand your feelings. I bought from PDC through the years some DVD’s, magazines and books. Actually I remember when you had trouble with a delivery of one of your sons and a shipment was postponed. I was going to write when you announced the closing, since I’ve been following your blog but things have been crazy. I’m at a show right now. I wish you the best on your next adventure. Thanks fr the service you provided all these years.

    1. Oh, yes! I’d forgotten about that. Eamonn showed up two weeks early and kind of threw a wrench into the shipping works 🙂

      Thanks for sticking around all these years!

  2. Lisa, I want one of each of the polymer to art for 50 cents each. the listing stilled showed $17….did I read the post wrong?

    1. No, they were never discounted. I am still selling them at full price. The home page explains everything.

  3. ah…ok….sorry morning brain. my bad

  4. I’m interested in some of your 50c magazines in jewelry, beads,coutere handbags, etc. Do you still have some? I’m not a internet savvy kinda person so don’t know if I’m even doing this right. LOL! Thanks

    1. Hi, Lisa. No, the shop is closed and I am not shipping anything anymore. Sorry!

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