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Two more weeks down

I finished weeks 9 and 11 (there was no 10) for the Granny Square Sampler. I really, really love these week 9 dimensional flowers. I will admit that I only half-read the instructions while catching up on an old White Collar episode, and so I did them kind of wrong. I realized my mistake after […]

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Why, look, it’s another square!

My blogging rhythm is becoming predictable lately. Sheets and granny squares, taking turns, with nothing in between.  Well, the sheet swap is winding down, so there will be less of that soon. And I’m all caught up with the sampler assignments, so I will only be doing a post about that once a week at […]

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And the grannies keep on coming

I loved this week’s Granny Square Sampler squares, with their circle-in-a-square themes. It’s got my wheels seriously turning in the direction of a new blanket design. Do I really need to make another blanket? No, probably not. Is that going to stop me? No, probably not. I am amassing enough of a collection now, that […]

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A side track

I have been living and breathing Polka Dot Creations for the last two weeks. When I am not packing and shipping orders, I’m re-counting inventory, or processing orders.  One some level it’s quite amusing to me that in order to be able to stop doing these things that bring me little joy, I need to […]

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