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TWiP: Close to Home

This Week in Pictures, Week 33, 2021

Unlike Week 33s past, the 2021 Week 33 did not involve any beachy day trips, weekend getaways, or intercontinental travel. I barely left the house. On the plus side, I did manage to procure a bouquet of zinnias, which inspired some photo play and kept me plenty entertained.

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TWiP: Window Box Chicken

This Week in Pictures, Week 31, 2021

I don’t know how the time manages to pass so quickly, but it always does. It’s August already. I feel like the summer just started, and yet we’re only a few short weeks away from pumpkin latte season. I’m starting to feel a little desperate to make sure I’ve availed myself of enough summer joy while it’s still here.

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TWiP: Instant Gratification

This Week in Pictures, Week 30, 2021

It’s been a little over two years since I bought my first instant camera, and in that time, I’ve taken a few photos that I love, and a whole lot of photos that are kind of terrible. I don’t know what keeps me plunking down my hard-earned cash on yet another pack of film, or worse, a whole new camera to love/hate, but here we are. As of this week, I’ve got four instant cameras and two and a half photo albums full of evidence of my misadventures. I do think, though, that I may have finally turned a corner with my latest purchase…

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"; Busy. So busy. ⋆ Polka Dot Cottage
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Busy. So busy.


Whose idea was it to have a gigantic sale the same week that there are FOUR end-of-school-year events and a big-deal family party? I sometimes forget that I am but one person, only to be reminded of the fact in no uncertain terms, when I keep dropping all of the balls I am juggling. I didn’t even have time to edit this photo. It’s straight out of the camera. Very unlike me.

And then my laptop battery suddenly quit, and it’s awfully inconvenient to do my packing and shipping computer work tethered to the wall. Perfect timing. Ugh.

Right now I am in bed, lights out, about to go to sleep, but I’ve had a whim to try the WordPress app on my Android tablet. If you are reading this, it worked 🙂

I have things to show you – the first of the sheet swap sheets have arrived, I’m getting involved in a granny-along, and I did something kinda cool to a white dress yesterday. I can’t elaborate now, though. You’ll meet me back here next week, I hope?

Happy Weekend (a day early) 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Busy. So busy.

  1. Super Woman!!! LOL!

    1. I may be more crazy than super 😉

  2. […] last week, in the middle of being completely overwhelmed with other tasks, I decided to throw one of the dresses in a dye bath, while I simultaneously got a load of laundry […]

  3. […] I’m so glad to have this project to occupy my evenings. It’s a relaxing change of pace from the busy-ness of my days right now. […]

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