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A side track

I have been living and breathing Polka Dot Creations for the last two weeks. When I am not packing and shipping orders, I’m re-counting inventory, or processing orders.  One some level it’s quite amusing to me that in order to be able to stop doing these things that bring me little joy, I need to first do copious amounts of these very things.

In light of all of this, it’s been necessary for me to have somewhat of a one-track mind through the month of June. I am certainly thankful for all of the wonderful customers who are helping to strip my basement shelves bare, but I am starting to feel a twinge of longing for a June that involves trips to the farmers markets, strawberry jam-making, and a clean kitchen.

We’re getting by on leftovers, frozen food, and takeout while the laundry pile grows and the stacks of dishes in the kitchen sink threaten to develop an intelligence of their own.  I know this busy-ness will pass, but until then I am missing June, and the carefree Summer feeling that breezes through my mind at this time of year (even if it doesn’t actually breathe through my kitchen as much as I might imagine it does).

One thing that I have not compromised on this month is my refusal to do any physical labor after the boys go to bed. (Actually, I prefer to start my moratorium on physicality once I sit down for my first bite of supper, but lately I haven’t been entirely successful in that department.) So the boys go to bed, and I install myself in my favorite spot on the couch to do something peaceful.

For the past week, my nighttime side-track has been to work on the Wise Craft granny square sampler crochet-along.  Every week, Blair gives an assignment to work on. Pictured above is my Week 1 work.  The crochet-along is on Week 4 at the moment, but I started late and am still almost 2 weeks behind.

So far, we don’t know what the finished blanket is going to look like. We have to just choose our yarn and take a leap of faith.  That is not at all how I usually roll, but I am rather enjoying this change of pace. I’ve decided that if I don’t particularly like the end results, I can use the blanket in the van. I’ve been wanting to make a travel blanket anyway.

I’m doing this in cotton for a change of pace. Knit Picks Dishie, to be exact. It’s a reasonably-nice cotton, and it doesn’t break the bank, which is a plus.

Week 2 was fun. I’ve never made such petite squares. They’re cute, aren’t they?

I started Week 3 last night. I’ll show them to you when they’re finished.  If you’re looking for a little side-track of your own, take a look at the sampler project. Blair explains how to make each square in detail, and includes video how-to’s if you need them. I think it’s a great project to cut your teeth on, if you’re a beginner. And for those of us who feel a little beyond the beginner stage, it’s a great opportunity to play with color and add a little mystery to your creative time.

Well, it’s been fun chatting here today, but my time is up. I must go put some books into boxes and send them to faraway lands!


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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “A side track

  1. It is really fun to just have someone tell us what to make & only have color choices be our concern each week.

    1. I have to agree! I do have a tendency to obsess over my color choices, though. I’m already regretting a few of my choices. I just keep telling myself that there are so many more future squares to make, I can easily change the color direction my blanket is taking, by being more mindful with the next assignments.

  2. Oh I LOVE this. I might have to sign up tonight, right after I mail my sheets to you for the swap (they all packed up in my car as I type).

    What an exciting, and crafty summer!

    1. You totally should give it a try! I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’m almost done with week 4, and am eager to see what’s next!

  3. […] crocheted my first Granny Square Sampler squares along with Blair and everyone else back in 2012, and I got nearly to the end with them until I was distracted by something else. I let the blanket […]

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