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Sewing, take three

More sewing.

This new shirt falls right back into my comfort zone, with the elbow-length sleeves I’ve done before, and the same lightweight fabric I’ve used in the past.

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Sewing outside of the comfort zone

New gingham flannel shirt.

Part two of yesterday’s sewing adventure: aka too much gingham, too much frump.

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Sewing in the comfort zone

New floral cotton lawn shirt

I did some sewing yesterday, and I have a lot to say about it, so I am going to split it up into two posts. First up, the success story.

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The Christmas making

The Christmas Making

Christmas this year was unusual for one reason: I didn’t commit to making anything. In the end, there were only three handmades under the tree, and technically-speaking, two of them were actually on the tree, not under it.

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Dovetail Cowl

Dovetail Cowl

I used up the first of my Rhinebeck skeins last night. And when I say “used up” I mean, I skipped the last five rows of the pattern and still had to find a few yards of a similar substitute yarn in order to bind off the last six inches. You can’t tell that I […]

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Charlotte Leydon

Leydon wristwarmers.

I made a new pair of fingerless gloves for myself. The pattern is called Leydon, and the yarn is from an alpaca named Charlotte.

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Ok, NOW it is finished.

Ok, NOW it is finished. Pockets duly added.

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Hudson River Stones

Hudson River Stones

Time for a little sweater show-and-tell! The pattern is Sea Stones by Melissa Schaschwary.

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The baby blanket on my back

My Mary Kate Vest at Polka Dot Cottage

I crocheted a vest which I would like a lot better in a different color.

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That Spring Poncho

Spring Poncho, at Polka Dot Cottage

I never showed you my finished Spring poncho. Come take a look!

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