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A Shawl With No Name

This is not my first rodeo with the squishy garter stripe idea, but each time I’ve improvised one, I’ve changed it up in some way. I like playing with this kind of design, where you take three or more colors, and alternate them in some way as to make a sort of stripey fade. This time, the shape is more crescent than triangle, due to the strategic introduction of decreases.

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TWiP: Vera Flowers

This Week in Pictures, Week 36, 2022

I have been kind of obsessed with improving the Polka Dot Cottage shopping experience this week. I’ve also made a few new things, continued my quest to get some storage space back, and had some experiences with nature.

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Activity, conflictedness, and a grand opening

Image transfers. Oh! how I love the look of them, when they work. My track record with this technique is less than spectacular, and it has me considering showcasing my photographs in resin instead of clay. Conflicted thoughts abound!

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Have a heart

Last summer, I was asked to submit a beginner-friendly polymer clay project for the upcoming Craft Hope book. The book will feature pairs of projects and charities, the idea being that you can make the projects and then donate them to the charities. I was honored to be included, and so I set to work […]

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