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CafePress Geek

Oh , I have been *such* a geek this week. When not thinking Thanksgiving-y thoughts, I was whipping up websites, digital scrapbooking, and designing t-shirt graphics. Want to see what I’ve done? Ok, twist my arm.

Check out the brand new Polka Dot Radio website, and the updated “Information Desk” at The Polka Dot Cottage.

Here’s one of my digital scrapbook pages. It will be the month of July in a 2007 calendar I am putting together as Christmas gifts (I’d never done this kind of thing before this week, but it’s fun!):

I created graphics and made new Cafe Press stores for all of the elements of my little Polka Dot Empire (LOL!):
Polka Dot Creations (I had a PDC store before, but I just deleted all of the old images and started over)
The Polka Dot Cottage
Polka Dot Radio

And now I seriously have to turn “tinker mode” off and get to my email… I’ve got a pile of new orders to process, not to mention the ones that I’ve already processed and are waiting to ship. I had mentioned on my website that I wouldn’t really be around this week to process/ship orders, but I really ought to get at least *one* batch out!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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