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I need to step up my game

For so many years our family room kind of languished in beige-land, but now that we’ve finally started paying more attention to decorating it, I’m noticing something: the Clarkesworld propaganda is multiplying. Sure, Neil, go ahead and put up a couple of posters, I said. Little did I know at the time, Vistaprint was being […]

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Two more weeks down

I finished weeks 9 and 11 (there was no 10) for the Granny Square Sampler. I really, really love these week 9 dimensional flowers. I will admit that I only half-read the instructions while catching up on an old White Collar episode, and so I did them kind of wrong. I realized my mistake after […]

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Pillows for the van

My mother-in-law acquires throw pillows like nobody’s business. And often, when she’s in purge mode, I am the beneficiary of the no-longer-needed ones. This week, I was given two 20-inch squishy down pillows that I thought would be nice in my van. I didn’t much care for the army green covers, but I knew just […]

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Lifestyles of the Faux Rich + Famous

Flufy was a simple everyday guy, working for a modest living until he discovered the path to wealth and power. Now Flufy’s lifestyle is anything but modest. Sign up for Flufy’s seminar, and he will personally teach you his secrets. Don’t delay! Get started on your own path to wealth and power today.

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And Many More: a heart-healthy birthday cake

Today is Neil’s birthday. After the summer he’s had, I wanted to do it up big for his birthday. I think I’m pretty good at providing a festive atmosphere and well-loved gifts for the boys’ birthdays, but Neil’s birthday has never really been as successful for me. Maybe it’s because we don’t usually have a […]

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The topic of grills comes up every year around Memorial Day at our house. Usually the conversation goes like this: Me: Let’s replace our old non-functioning grill. Neil: Why? Me: I love the taste of a grilled hot dog, and I always have to invite myself to my parents’ house when I crave one. Neil: […]

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